Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Giddy Up ... Into Homeschooling :)

So our first (almost) two months of homeschooling has come and gone. If I said it was all sunshine and rainbows, I would totally be lying to you. It's hard and difficult and down right trying some mornings. And at the same time it's amazing, rewarding and fun!! My plan was to post new things we did each week, but as you can see - no bueno! Last month, we were all getting adjusted to schooling at home and I was doing good just to keep myself bathed and the dishes done. Nonetheless, there is also clothes, bathrooms, a toddler to potty train and oh yeah - that other kid we just brought home, Kohen. Just the same though as I post about the hurdles we've had, we also had a great first month. We studied about horses for most of the month and our character trait for the time being is obedience.

Last month we learned about the points of horses, or the parts. We attended the library to check out books about horses and a few others for fun. Kollin checked out a Nascar book on Mark Martin, which I thought was pretty funny. We learned Proverbs 22:6 and what it means for Mommys and Daddys to train up their children. We used that verse for our handwriting time a lot this month as well. I also found a book at the library with some cool writing games in it and the boys had fun doing that as well. It helps with pencil control and grip. We also made our own stick horses and had a grand ole' time jumping hurdles in the front yard and acting like Lone Ranger. We also borrowed some of PawPaw's westerns and the boys enjoyed watching those too. Here are some of the pictures:



We had three pretty cool field trips in the month of August too.

Thanks to friends on Facebook, we heard about Luella Stables. They're located in McDonough and offer horseback rides to the public on Friday evenings. We took the boys and WOW - they had an amazing hands on experience, resulting in tons of learning!! The trainers there were very knowledgeable and showed the boys commands on the horse, all about their hooves and some other cool facts about horses' birthmarks and tongues. Here are some pictures from the visit.



We also visited Dauset Trails ... We were so excited to have MawMaw come with us this day. We love to have family involved in the boys' learning experiences and an extra set of hands is always nice :)

Another trip we took was with my cousin Kim and her family. Her daughter Ashlee is a horse trainer and pro rider :) Her horse's name is Razzle Dazzle and was quite the show off. She showed us a ton about the inside of the stables, the tack room and how Dazz LOVES peppermint treats. The boys enjoyed watching her and Dazz perform different commands and were able to help with grooming.
So far I would venture to say we were successful our first few weeks. Tweaks are still being added and I am sure with our family full of little boys adjustments will be made daily.
Looking to foward to more adventures with my boys...


  1. Love it! Those trips sound awesome!

  2. Great blog Kelsey. Such a good looking family! I hope that homeschooling works out for you and the boys--I definitely see many benefits in it. There is alot of world to experience out there, stuff you cannot "get" in the classroom.