Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mission Trip to Honduras: Post Five ...

I'd like to say I think I have survived this week. This time tomorrow I will be all snuggled up with my husband and will have all five of my babies under the same roof. 

They finished their job up today. 

The roof and the finishes will be added by the other men there in Honduras. 

Mrs. Susan said it rained every night, but each morning they woke up to beautiful blue skies. We are so thankful God has blessed this trip and made it fruitful! Yesterday I mentioned one of the ladies in the village was hit in the head with a hammer that fell off of the ledge where they were building, I am thankful to let you know this sweet lady is doing fine. She told Mrs. Susan she had a headache and was sore, but that she was going to be fine. Thank you for your prayers.

I am heading to bed knowing my house will be full again tomorrow. Until then it's this Momma, some Family Feud and a Nutty Buddy ice cream cone. It's all about the comfort this week ... 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mission Trip To Honduras: Post Four

Y'all. I lied yesterday when I said that was the hardest day. Today has been rough. Can I just say I have no clue how in the world military spouses go without their mate for so long? My hat goes off to them because I cried about a thousand times today and my man has only been gone for a few days. Oh boy, Friday can not get here fast enough ...

(Kollin has enjoyed having a letter from me
 each night to read. And I enjoy hearing
 him read them to me.)

I guess there is no better reason to be missing the Hubs and Kollin than something like this though. Here is a picture of the progress of the church they are building. Looks great huh? 

Just like any other night this week, it ended with FaceTime. Kollin just can't stop talking about all of his new friends. He taught one of his new friends Arnold how to play Thumb War and Slaps. Travis said it's pretty funny to watch Kollin and the other children there communicate. I think they are all learning a lot from this week. 

The husband apparently got a stomach bug or something while he's been down there. On the flip side of that, Kollin said he had the "best chicken of his life" tonight. 

More shoes were handed out today and Travis said the kiddos were pretty excited about it all. Apparently, the brighter the shoes the better! 

"Please pray for one of the church women where we are building the church. She was walking by the church and a hammer fell off the wall and hit her in the head. It made a big gash in her head. One of the guys with us, Travis is a paramedic and tended to it but I know she is in a lot of pain. I am thankful it was not one of the children that was hit."

This note was posted by Mrs. Susan tonight on FaceBook. Travis said there are no hospitals there and there wasn't much they could do other than to clean it up really good. Please pray for this sweet woman from the village there.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mission Trip to Honduras: Post Three

The saying is true people, "Distance makes the heart grow fonder".

I think today has been the hardest for me emotionally. Not that I locked myself in a room somewhere and cried uncontrollably or anything, but pretty much every thought that crossed my mind ended with just how much I'm missing my two boys. 

Kollin was beaming on FaceTime tonight. He was telling me all about how much help he was today in helping build the church. In his words he got to "nut and bolt things together" and "haul off wood in buckets". As much as Kollin went on and on about getting to really work today, the husband went on and on about these three little girls he met today and how they thought he was "muy guapo". 

Apparently, they thought my husband was cute. 

Some of our group went to visit the orphanage there this afternoon. Our group was
able to give 16 boys new shoes and socks!

(Those that were able to hand out shoes to the boys at the orphanage.)

There is so much work left to be done in building this new church there. Please pray
they are able to complete the project before Friday!

P.S. There is a PIZZA HUT in Honduras! I bet Kollin was shocked considering he asked
me at one point before the trip if they would have any normal food there.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Mission Trip to Honduras: Post Two

Who knew a 20 minute chat could calm one's heart so much? 

I pretty much watch the clock all day and count down to when I can talk to the husband and Kollin. And as expected, their voices, smiles, laughter and the sudden high pitch baby talk they do as soon as Khloe's face pops up on the screen made my heart super happy.

Kollin is doing so much better than I thought he would. Some of the Momma in me is heartbroken about that and then the other Momma in me is super relieved about it. I was really expecting teary phone calls and lots of "I wanna come home"s. But I haven't had either of those, unless you consider me crying a teary phone call. 

I was sure to pack several little notes for Kollin to have throughout the week. I packed one for him while he was on the plane ride, one for Sunday morning and one for Sunday night, one for Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night and Thursday night, then one for Friday morning. Too much? 

(This picture was taken by Mrs. Susan yesterday.)

A picture like this one makes all my second guessing I did early Saturday morning fly out the window. God wanted Kollin in Honduras this week and I feel such peace in my heart about spending this time away from him. I am so thankful for pictures like these. 

They got a lot done today. This picture below is the progress from yesterday's end to today's end. 

Please continue to pray for our group in Honduras and for nice weather so they are able to complete this church before Friday. 

P.S. The husband survived the soggy fish.  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mission Trip to Honduras: Post One

My kid is alright y'all. 

I mean he does look like he has grown quite a bit in the last day, but other than that he's okay. 

After only 700 attempts to connect on FaceTime, we were finally able to get through to each other. 
Kollin was so excited to tell me all about his adventures today. After their devotion this morning, they started work on building the church. He said there wasn't a whole lot he could do today, everything was "real heavy", but he was able to spend time with the children that are where they are building at. According to Kollin, he had three "little Hondurian girls" chasing him around all day. He also mentioned not having a clue what he ate tonight. Oh dear. 

(A few of the precious kiddos there, this photo is from Mrs. Susan who is there with our group.)

Then there was this other guy I got to talk to. 
Man, I miss him. 
Like ... bad

So here is to starting another 24 hour countdown until I can see them tomorrow night.

Please continue to pray for our ladies and dudes as they work in Honduras. 

(This pictures includes all the guys from the three churches there to help build the church, this photo is also from Mrs. Susan.)

And pray the soggy fish my husband ate tonight doesn't kill him ... 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thirteen Hundred ...

My kid is 1,300 miles away. 

Thir-teen-hun-dred miles away y'all ... in another country ... for six days.

Kollin is on his very first Mission Trip.

Kollin is seven, emotional, indecisive and has one of the biggest hearts. With that being said, his feelings have been jumping around the past couple months about going on this trip. 

Kollin: "Aaaaah, I can't wait to go to Honduras Mommy!"
Kollin: "Mommy, how am I gonna be gone from you for six days? I don't think I can do it."
Kollin: "I bet riding on a plane is going to be awesome!!"
Kollin: "Mommy, what if my plane crashes and I never see you again?"
Kollin: "I'm worried about the toilets. Are they gonna be weird like Japan?"
Kollin: "What if I get lost?"
Kollin: "Building a church in a week is gonna be so cool!"
Kollin: "Am I gonna sleep on the ground? Like on the dirt?"
Kollin: "I don't wanna leave Kolt."
Kollin: "I know God is so happy about me going to Honduras Mommy!"

Seriously all over the place. 

And me? My feelings have been totally stable until I watched him hop on the church bus before the sun came up this morning. I hugged the crap out of him, smothered him in kisses, snapped a grainy picture in the parking lot, watched him turn away from me as he waved goodbye and literally ran to my car and lost it. I sobbed, sniffed and second guessed the decision of letting him go the whole way back home. It's tough. Letting go just a little bit is really, really, really tough. 

Kollin and I are always together. Other than a night away with family here and there, he's with me. He has never taken a trip without me. He has never been on a plane without me. My heart aches that I am missing out on such an experience in his life. I've never missed a first and today I did. And tomorrow I will again. And the next day and the next.

(Kollin and the hubs after boarding the plane this morning)

I will not be the one who sees these monumental moments in Kollin's life this coming week, but next to those selfish feelings sit feelings of being overwhelmingly proud of him. More than anything, this kid has been most excited about telling others about God's love in Honduras.

About a year or so ago while we were on a 19 Kids and Counting kick on Netflix, Kollin watched some of the older ones go on a Mission Trip to El Salvador. Ever since then he has wanted to be a part of one himself.

And now he is. Right now as I type this, he is fulfilling a dream of his. And I am on the couch eating delivered Chinese, watching Property Brothers and praying my husband will take all the pictures I asked him to.

(This is the group going from our church, Kollin is our youngest missionary)

I miss them already. I am counting down until I see their faces on FaceTime again and more so until Friday afternoon gets here. 

Please join me in keeping this trip and those on it in your prayers each day this week. Please pray for their safety, for a smooth process in building this church and most of all for others in Honduras to learn about God's mighty, unconditional love. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

First Day - October

Hey y'all! 

I'm back for First Day and have so much more catching up to do. I promise I'm back on the Blogging Wagon though and ready to start spilling my guts (and pictures of my sweet babies) with my Faithfuls. 

So without further ado, here is our First Day of October.

(Confession: I quit snapping when I started cooking dinner. Sorry.)