Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sweet As Sugar ...

I simply cannot believe I am already planning Khloe Ruth's Second Birthday. Like really? She has been with us for two whole years? 

I find myself thinking all the time how I thought I knew what it would feel like to have a Daughter. I thought I knew how much fun it would be to get lost in the Little Girl Department in Target and I thought I knew how my heart would pitter patter laying in the bed twirling her hair in my fingers. I thought I knew how great it would feel to call out "Good Morning Princess" every day. And I thought I knew what it be like to watch Travis have a little girl.

Truth is, I really had no idea at all how all the feels would feel.

It's just so much more y'all. 

Mushy mushy. 

Anyway, in the spirit of planning her Second Birthday Party I wanted to share the photos from her First Birthday! 

Only a year late, right?

During Khloe Ruth's First Year with us, she was quickly nicknamed Sugar Lump. I have no idea who started it or how it got started, but it stuck. And to this day we still call her Sugar Lump. 

So naturally the theme was Sweet as Sugar!

My Mama and I had so much fun with this! And I won't even tell you how long we spent on that wall back there. Measure, cut, fray, tape. Repeat. 

It came out so perfect though!

We had so many yummy, sugary goodies! If it was dippable, we dipped it! I think my most favorite was the Nutter-Butter Cookies made to look like ice cream cones! There wasn't a dipped thing left in the house!

Khloe Ruth's beautiful cake (and the Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes and the Reese's Cupcakes) were made by none other than Aimee Baker with Baker'z Joy. She has been making our cakes for years and has never disappointed us! They're as yummy on the inside as they are adorable on the outside!

We had Homemade Lemonade on tap and with those cute straws ... We also added some Popcorn and ChexMix too. We all know everyone needs a little something salty with all the sweetness!

Adults and Kiddos alike had fun with this game! I'll never forget when Mrs. Marie got it exactly right! 

I would love to say she devoured her cake, but she didn't. She ate the dang Nutter-Butter Cookies the whole time instead. 

Whew. I cannot believe she is about to be Two! We've already started the Party Planning, my Mama actually started months ago. And this year's theme? You'll have to wait to see! Hopefully not a whole year though ...

Sweet Dreams Y'all.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

All Them July Babies ...

If you know us at all, you know that apparently the Husband and I spend a little too much time together in the month of October. Or at least we did in 2007, 2009 and 2011. Because we have birthdays to celebrate on the 9th, 11th and 13th of July. This year Kolt celebrated his 8th Birthday, Kruz celebrated his 6th and Kohen celebrated his 4th. 

Because their Birthdays are so close together, we try really hard to make each of their days special. Sometimes we're able to make the whole day about them with going to spend their Birthday Money and going to their place of choice to eat. And then there are years like this one in which we were consumed with the passing of a very special friend the day after Kolt's Birthday, Travis' School Schedule, attending the funeral on Kohen's Birthday and having our Kid's Crusade at church every night of that week. So this year we kind of just did what we could.

Kolt's Birthday fell on the same morning of the Party, so he chose to make a Dunkin Donuts run with his Daddy and blow his candle out that way. We were all starving after the Birthday Party so we ran off to a new Mexican Spot here in our little town. And since we were out, we took him to Academy to spend some of his Birthday Money. 

On Kruz' Birthday he requested a trip to the "same store as Kolt", GameStop and Toys R' Us. He is very methodical with how he spends his money. If only all 6 Year Olds were like that, right? So we headed to GameStop first for Fifa 2015, because in his words, he knew he could get the '15 Version cheaper than the '16 Version and really they're the same thing. He went to Toys R Us for a new 3DS game and to Academy for some new Nike stuff. And after church that night we went to the pool for a night swim and enjoyed the Birthday Cake he picked out from Publix earlier that day. 

And on Kohen's Birthday he asked all day when his friends were coming over for his party. I tried over and over to explain to him that we already had his party, but he just wasn't having that answer because "this day is my Birthday Mommy". We had this conversation a thousand times. My heart only broke into a thousand pieces when we got to our church for the funeral service for David and he saw so many of our friends and he asked if this was his Party. Bless it. I was so thankful this kiddo was content with some cupcakes at the end of the night when Daddy got home from work. 

And of course, there's the Big Birthday Celebration we had! I believe I counted 38 kids here, not including my own. It's always a fun time with the water slide and all of the families that we have over. 

This year I decided not to feed the crowd and just have snacks. It was perfect! I took advantage of the Buy One Get One Free sales at Publix and scored a ton of variety snack packs. At the end of the day, we went through 80 bags of chips and 38 bags of snacks like Cheez-Itz and Animal Crackers. 

We cut up some watermelon, had popsicles ready to go and had a cookie cake from Great American Cookie and drinks. Bam! Done! Easiest way ever to keep a ton of kiddos content while they wore themselves out! 

I would say Miss Khloe enjoyed that cake too! 

I always look forward to celebrating my babies' Birthdays and always so thankful when it's all over too! Now here's to planning Miss Khloe's Second Birthday ...

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Napping By the Pool ...

I pretty much wore the heck outta my kids today. We pooled it from 11:30 until 4:30. 

With that being said, this is really to show off the adorableness of Khloe Ruth sleeping by the pool today. 

And maybe a few of this Mama and her friends. Because yea, I have friends. 

And that's pretty much it.

This was her Mama, Please Just Let Me Go To Sleep Somewhere Face. She laid down right next to me in the other chair and was out like a light for about an hour or so. 

Cue us Mamas making her this canopy thing to keep her from burning. 
Pure Princess Treatment. 

Now for us Mamas and a few of me and some of my other babies ...

Happy Summer Days to You! I know we're sure havin' 'em!