Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Week In Words - 03/23

Life This Week - 

It is Saturday night and I am in my pajamas and have been for a few hours. Good Lord, I love nights like this. I need nights like this. 

This week has been great! Although, I think any week following a week like the one before this past one, would be great. Know what I'm sayin'? 

For the most part, life was pretty low key. We did have a play date on Wednesday at the park and (swoon) it was wonderful. It was wonderful to see our friend Livi, it was wonderful to get to know a new friend, it was wonderful to sit and chat to another Momma of five about struggles and such. It was, just, wonderful. 

Here is Khloe and her newest friend and possible future husband. You can check out their family blog over at House Of Kent

We did StoryTime for the third time in a row this month. And I can see Kohen start to come out of his shell more and more. He's actually dancing to the 'get your wiggles out' song before the story and this week he pulled his own carpet square and sat with his brothers, without me. Huge step for him! 

This week I took Kruz out on a date, just the two of us. This child. Oh this child. 

He opened the door for me, without me saying anything. He picked O'Charley's for dinner and somehow landed both me and my Momma for dinner. And loved every second of it. After dinner, he insisted on "the place with the big brown cones" aka Dairy Queen. So we hit up the drive thru and ended up with this ginormous-dipped in chocolate-filled with M&M blizzard cone.

I should've known it would've been a dripping mess. We pulled over into a grassy spot and enjoyed our ice cream there.

Kruz: So this is what a date looks like?
Me: Well, yea. Sometimes dinner, but always something sweet. And I normally just talk to Kollin and Kolt.
Kruz: Talk?
Me: Yea, talk.
Kruz: Hi.

He ate about 10 bites (none of the actual cone) and was done. Go figure. 

Here are a few more random moments from the week.

Khloe (and Mommy) are loving her BowBands from Lindzee's Bowtique. And who knew how great Kruz would be at folding socks? Kohen plays in the walker more than Khloe does. And sometimes a baby girl just needs her Daddy to fall asleep with. And yes, I let Kollin drive across the church parking lot. 

I survived. 

School This Week - 

Kollin and Kolt finished up another PACES Math Book this week and have started to learn how to carry in addition problems. It has been fun seeing them faced with a challenge, something different. They both took to it easily though! They are both doing really well in Math this year, they must take after their Daddy in this department.

In Mother Goose Time we are continuing to blast through space. 

One thing we learned about this week was galaxies! We talked about what they're made up of, Earth's Milky Way (the study complete with a Milky Way bar of course) and made our own galaxies! Oh glitter, how I loathe thee.

I always make it a point to do Math with Kruz (and Kohen when he is in the mood to sit still) while Kollin and Kolt work in their PACES books. Every month MGT provides Math Cards with each box of curriculum. 

We love these cards! Love them! And I use them as a building block for more. I'll start with the easier ones and just continue to give him different addition and subtraction problems. We work through the advanced cards together. And those aluminum foil balls are our very own moon rocks. Ha! 

MGT also provides Folder Games each month. This month the game gives us practice on shapes. 


Friday was Family Day and we headed out to see Paddington at the Dollar Theater. It was cute. I mean what I saw of the darn thing. By the time I dished out popcorn, passed the drink around 387 times, nursed Khloe, fed her sweet potatoes and took Kohen potty - I might have seen about 10 minutes of it. But it was cute. 

Who am I kidding? I'll end of renting it to watch it because I didn't see a lick of it. 

Conversation of the Week

On our date, we stopped by TJ Maxx and Kruz picked out some new undies. Avengers undies. 

Me: Kruz, why did you pick out Avengers underwear? 
Do you even know what Avengers are?
Kruz: What's Avengers? That "A" - that "A" is for AdvoCare!
These are AdvoCare underwear! 

Favorite Snap -

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mother Goose Time: Swirling Storms, Swirling Rings ...

It is only Tuesday and we have had so much fun already this week in Mother Goose Time

We are learning about the planets!

This morning we learned about Neptune and Saturn. 

MGT provided us with two fun art projects to learn about these two planets: 

For our Neptune project, the boys used a bouncy ball and a container to paint their own Neptune. I dabbled some paint in their container and they used the ball to swirl the paint around. At first I used a box lid, then I got smart and used a wipe container with a lid so the ball would stop flying out. They really got crazy (and not too messy to my surprise) and had a blast doing their projects.

After their paper was painted to their liking, they cut a circle out for their planet and glued them onto black paper. Then we added white circle stickers around their planet to represent the 14 moons of Neptune.

As the boys worked through their art projects we talked about how far away from the sun Neptune is, who his "neighbors" are, how many moons Neptune has and all about the storms in it's atmosphere. 

Once our Neptune were done and drying, we moved along to Saturn! This project allowed the boys to get up and move, so we did this in the middle of our homeschooling morning to let them get some energy out! 

Each boy made their own Saturn Ring by using a craft stick (decorated by themselves) with a long piece of satin blue ribbon attached to the end of it. 

Each month MGT provides us with a CD of fun tracks that relate to our theme! We danced to Swirling Saturn over and over and over again. The song talks about the rings around Saturn being made of ice and rocks - another fun tidbit they took in about this planet! We also played freeze with turning the song on and off and Kohen (2) loved it!

We had such a fun morning with Mother Goose Time today! 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Week In Words - 03/16

Life This Week

Hi there! And Happy Saturday Night to you. And me. Because I'm pretty sure this week tried to kill me. I just giggled out loud here people. Like I really think this week tried to kill me. 

Monday I had a bird fly into my house. And proceed to fly up and down the stairs over and over again, ramming itself into the window. In the middle of nap time. Please, close your eyes and imagine me chasing a bird around my house, tip toeing oh so quietly trying to not wake up my children in the capturing process. With a hamper. Yes. Yes, I was trying to catch a bird in a hamper. Somehow the dumb thing finally flew out. 

After nap on Monday Kollin spilled a jug of fabric softener on the kitchen floor. That was fun to clean up, said no one ever. And immediately following the clean up of that slippery mess, Kolt knocked over a bottle of olive oil while I was cooking dinner. In the same spot. And that was just Monday afternoon. 

Somehow, I broke away and spent the morning with some amazing ladies Tuesday morning! I'm learning that with AdvoCare comes a new family to love on and to be loved by, and well, I love that! Lets just say Tuesday morning was needed.

One afternoon this week was spent hanging out with my Momma. On the side of the road that is, waiting for a wrecker to pick up her broken down car. For three hours. Best thing out of that was the ginormous amount of laughs that were had because, we were exhausted, the kids were exhausted and thats what you do when you're exhausted and waiting on a wrecker for three hours: laugh.

Wednesday was StoryTime at the library and we had just as much fun this week as we did last. Other than Khloe tipping over in Kollin's lap and banging her head on the floor that has NO padding. Yea, you should've heard all of the lovely gasps in the room from the other mothers, followed by Khloe screaming and Kohen asking over and over as I am trying to slip out the door "Mommy. Khloe hit head? Mommy. Mommy. Khloe cry Mommy. Mommy ..." I'm telling you: this week tried to kill me. 

Thursday was mine and Kolt's night to slip away for a couple hours, just the two of us. The goal of these One-On-One nights are not to do anything fancy or long winded, but really just to talk and spend some quiet time together. We used to make our date nights with the kids these extravaganzas and it got to be too expensive, so we quit doing them. We've made it now to where these nights are just doing something small, like Kolt and I going to have yogurt. 

This kid is so grateful for these nights. His little face lit up when we headed out the door Thursday night and that just means the world to me. And it made changing out of those yoga pants that I wanted to stay in for forever, a little easier. 

School This Week

Thank the Lord, we are back on track with it all. I'm telling you what, something in February threw us off completely! This week I feel like we found our footing again and are headed back to our good ole' normal homeschooling days! Whatever that is! 

Mother Goose Time brought us some gems this week! I've been such a slacker about sharing what we are learning with MGT lately. Trust me though, we are doing lots, learning lots and having lots of fun doing and learning! This week we learned about some of the planets! Kollin and Kolt still do the art projects with us and I have added them to to learn more on their level about the history of Earth and our Solar System. 

Monday we learned about what makes Earth different from all of the other planets and imagined ourselves as aliens from another planet. We made these awesome alien headbands and played outside in them! 

 On another day we learned about Mercury! Um, I actually learned something too! Did you know Mercury is 875 degrees during the day and -300 degrees at night? Crazy! We had fun making our own Planet Mercurys - the boys colored one side red and one side blue to represent the temperature differences. Kollin and Kolt wrote a few facts about Mercury, like that it has zero moons, and added them to the planets they made. 

Kohen has been having fun with the foam stars we received as one of the manipulatives for this month. We have been practicing sorting, patterns and counting forward and backwards with these stars. I love having math to do with Kohen, even though he is just two. For me, patterns are one of my favorite mathematical activities to do with the two of them. I can make it easy for Kohen, like just doing every other color as the pattern. For Kruz, I have him make his own patterns up and he loves doing this! 

Favorite Snap - 

Who knew Khloe Ruth would like Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles? Oh wait. 
She has four big brothers. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Week In Words - 03/09

Life This Week - 

Number One: Time Change kicked my butt. And Klo's too apparently, since she slept in until after 10:30 on Monday and Tuesday!

And Number Two: Because I may or may not fall asleep in the middle of typing this, I'm giving you our week in a few quick sentences. 

Travis was on Spring Break!
We started a new (big) home project!
And we had a few days of gorgeous weather!

There ya go. Our life this week in a nutshell. 


School This Week

With Travis being home, it so hard to keep them behind the kitchen table doing school work! When he is home, they all want to be with him. Understandable I guess and another beautiful thing about homeschooling. 


Wednesday is our library day (according to the new schedule, in which I forgot and was so sweetly reminded by my 8 year old at 10:45 that Story Time started at 11:00). So somehow I miraculously wrapped up nursing Khloe and got out the door in ten minutes. You can just call me Super Mom. We made it to Story Time on time, this was our first time ever! And the kids loved it! Especially Kruz and Kohen! Kollin and Kolt were all, "This is so for babies". But I noticed them secretly (intently) listening to Froggy Gets Dressed. And caught a few giggle too. 

We needed some new lights for our new (big) home project, so Thursday we headed to Ikea. Can I just say every store should have Smalland? Really! 

Conversation Of The Week - 

I caught Kollin doing Talk to Text on my phone, texting my Momma about me "stressing out" about getting all of our crap ready to sell for the consignment sale next week:

"Yah Yah. I need your help now. My mommy is stressed out so please come here. We have some delicious chili for you and anything else. I love you very much. This is Kollin. My mommy is about to bust in tears. She is stress eating! Eating a cupcake. Thank you and I am dying."

Favorite Snap(s) - 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Week in Words - 03/02 ...

Life This Week

I haven't done one of these posts in almost a year. But I like them. It's a nice little way to sum up our week, let you in on some of our craziness and oh how I love coming back to these later on to read. With that said, hope you enjoy this glimpse into our week ... 

This week we started a new schedule. And when I say schedule, I mean every minute of every day is scheduled. Right down to shower times. Something like this has been needed for a long time, I just never sat down to do it - to figure it all out - to type it all up. And I knew going into something so different than what we are used to would be hard in the beginning. This week was a trial run of it all. And by the end of Friday, my house was clean, all of our planned school work was done, the dog had been fed 5 days in a row and I still had my sanity. Needless to say, I think it's going to work out well.

We had to hit up Dr. Pott's office on Thursday to check on my sweet Klo. She started running a fever on Monday, no other symptoms, just a fever. I noticed her ears seemed to be sensitive so I was thinking she had an ear infection. By the time we got to the doctor Thursday, her fever was gone and she was back to her old smiley self. Must've just been a virus, something that needed to run it's course. It has been so great to see her smiles again!

And since Little Miss was feeling better, we headed over to my friend's house to play dress up again and take some more sweet pictures. Want to see one? Check out my Favorite Snap down there at the bottom. 

And by the way. When you can't find your baby, check your oldest ones room. I walked in to get Klo up from her nap on Friday and she was gone. I go into Kollin's room and find this sweet sight. The two of them on his bed, him talking all about his baseball cards and sharing them with her. 

This week I also got some one on one time with Kollin. This is another thing I am loving about our new schedules, we have added in one on one time with Kollin, Kolt and Kruz throughout the month. I took Kollin to karate this week, by myself, which never happens. And we shared some cheese dip at Mexican and talked. It was nice. So nice. And I taught him one of my inner kid secrets: the one where you scrunch up the straw paper really tight, drip water on it and watch it grow. Anybody else remember that one? Well he was pretty impressed. 

Our family got bigger this week too! We added a new cousin, sweet Baby Brooks to the crazy bunch! Isn't he a doll?

School This Week

This week we started our newest box of Mother Goose Time and are blasting off into space! Last month was so off for us and we missed a ton of Mother Goose Time. And by missed I mean we didn't get to do very many of the activities and we missed it. Like a lot. So this month we are learning about space, which can really be exciting for all age groups. I love to see Kollin and Kolt be able to learn as much with Kruz and Kohen on the same theme. We started the week off by opening our Balancing Moon, which has been entertainment in our house for hours this week! If you have tots and preschoolers, you need one of these things! Seriously. We made our stars, which was a favorite project from this week. 

Two things here. Number one: I love to see Kruz still wearing his Christmas PJs. And number two: Glitter will be the death of me. 

Along with a new Mother Goose Time theme, came moving onto our next PACE Math Book. This curriculum was new for us this year and we are loving it! I think we have found a favorite!


We finally had some nicer weather this week, so we hit up the park on Friday for Family Day! A little muddy from the rain earlier in the week, but this Momma survived! We topped off our Friday afternoon with some potato soup from O'Charley's - one of my favorites!

I love to see the husband with a kid on each side. 

Conversation Of The Week

Kollin: Mommy. Daddy says whatever I am now, is what I will become. Does that mean I'm going to jail when I get older?!?
Mommy: ...

Favorite Snap