The Original August Twelfth.

So there I was. 15 years old waiting on the couch for the guy I was dating at the time to come pick me up for a summer afternoon at the pool. We were going to one of his buddy’s house to spend the rest of the day. Little did I know that friend Travis was my future husband

I heard the gravel crumble as an old, red Ford F-150 pulled into the driveway. I am not going to lie and say it was his inner beauty that took my heart away that first encounter. Nope. It would have been the overwhelming muscles, plump lips and baby blues that took me straight from the other dude to him. I know, so bad. But hey - God totally knew what was going on and August twelfth our stars were aligned.

My Momma of course had to meet the kid that was going to be driving her daughter around that day, so in he came to meet the parentals. I guess he passed the test because I got to go. And guess where I sat? Right smack in the middle of that bench seat. The rest of the day was filled with the hot sun, cool water and Taco Bell. Travis and I just had a connection. And believe it or not, I will stick by my words that it was truly love at first sight.

On the ride home, Travis “needed gas”. Yea right, what he needed was my number. And he got it after he sent Micah into pay. (Oh Micah, I sincerely hope you can laugh about this today as much as I can). When we got back to my house he pretty much invited himself in. Him and my Momma chatted a little bit and he told her that day - “Miss Kathy … I’m gonna marry your daughter”. I swear! After they left I was head over heels, he called around 8 that night and we talked into the next day.

The rest is history. We were officially a couple on August seventeenth and have been inseparable ever since.

We have been through heartaches, triumphs, good times and bad … and have never left one another’s side. This man is God sent and I still can’t believe he is mine. Mine.

For the rest of our lives August Twelfth will forever be the day it all began …