Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Painting

Have I mentioned we do some pretty fun things around here?
One fun thing we've done here lately was pumpkin painting. We got the invite from my awesome friend Nicole (read her stuff here at Journey to Josie) and I was sure to clear our schedule for that Sunday afternoon. I attended Mr. Burdette's funeral that same day, so Travis went ahead with the boys and Miss Carmella (a little lady from our church who likes to join our family for the chaos between services). I joined them shortly after.
I think Kruz enjoyed painting the table more than the pumpkin, Kollin was interested in making his pumpkin ensemble the scariest and Kolt was just having a good ole' time. Kohen? Well, he just wanted to eat ;)
Anyway, here are some iPhone pictures from the afternoon. Enjoy...


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