Saturday, November 10, 2012

While You Were Five ...

I woke up today as the mother of a six year old. 

Did I just type that? Seriously? A SIX year old. I mean having a five year old was hard enough to swallow, but now six?!!?? I am not ready. Oh, but wait. There is no choice in this. My children will only get older and stopping time is just not possible. I should know, I've tried it ;) I feel like I should still be in high school, working at Chili's as a hostess or simply spending a weeknight at home with my Momma and Daddy. But no, time has flown by quickly and I am now the mother of a six year old. 

Kollin - Let me tell you where this last year has brought you... 

And some things you have accomplished and learned. You moved out of the "Baby Sunday School Class" when you turned five and have spent a year with the "big kids" as you like to say. You will be in there another year. You particiapted in the church Christmas Play as a star and also ran off stage in the middle of the production to sit with YahYah. Funny thing is, crazy Sister Judy asked you to participate this year too. We shall see how that pans out. You and Kolt received a trampoline from Santa while you were five and you also started asking the dreaded questions of how Santa really exists. Eeeek, we avoided answering this at all costs - but you are just too realistic to believe our fibs. We'll see how this year goes. 

While you were five you also quit watching a ton of your favorite Disney and Nick cartoons, like Umi Zoomi and Wubbzey. Now, you are all into the big kid shows: Good Luck Charlie, The Suite Life, Kickin' It and the dreadful Power Rangers. They drive Mommy a little batty. You also have learned to LOVE the outdoors, yah!! Most sunny afternoons, you love to jump on the trampoline, play in your clubhouse and some other crazy sword game. 

While you were five, you seriously became an amazing swimmer. You astounded me and most other people at our neighborhood pool this summer with your abilities. You love the deep end, which scares me to death - because you have no fear. You also started checking out the ladies a lot more this year, geez. I am so not ready for all that. But several times we caught you staring and so badly wanting to talk with the teenagers, um you were only five. You also made an adorable little friend Sophia at the pool this year. She is such a cutie; you and her played great together every chance you could get.

Can't believe I nearly forgot about this one: you started karate while you were five too. This was your choice of activity and you have very much excelled in this sport. You love earning your belts and so far have earned your white, white/gold, solid gold, and gold/orange belts. You recently started sparring and are working toward your solid orange belt. You also participated in your first tournament, performed your Star Block and won second place out of a ton of ninjas. Of course, we were beaming!! And so were you!! You worked very hard for that, practicing nearly every night on your entrance and form. 

Hmmm, what else? You have become quite the ar-teest! I believe your favorite thing to draw are cars. Racecars. With spoilers (you call them fins) and smoke pouring from the tires. You have only asked 1001 times if you can have a Mustang for your first car. The answer will always be NO :)

You started Kindergarten this year at home with Mommy. You are loving it and actually bug me about starting earlier in the mornings. Jeesh. 

You often talk about your worries in this life, which bother me a little. I tell you not to be so worrisome, but I think you get it from me. You often talk about "all of your responsibilities" with having three little brothers; I simply tell you God only trusted Travis Kollin Nichols to these three little guys. No one else. That tends to make it better for about five minutes. Then one of them aggravates you and you need "quiet time" in your room. Child-you are quite the little "re-dult" as you say and quite the comedian. These days you have a smart-mouth that tends to get you into trouble day in and day out. You also think you are too big for naps, but within ten minutes of your face hitting the pillow, you are o.u.t. Speaking of sleep, you are still snuggling with Bunny Rabbit every night...I hope you never get too old for that thing. And just a tid-bit of information for keepsake, Bunny Rabbit was puked on during your fifth year and MawMaw performed back surgery on the little guy in order to wash him. 

You also started sharing a room with Kolt, your's and his idea. Not ours. You both love it (most days) and like to stay up talking instead of going to bed right away. Some nights I sit by the door and silently laugh at your conversations. You two are very funny and quite the pair. 

Oh and you can totally make it across the monkey bars now. 

The technicals of Kollin: You wear a size 11 shoe, 6 in your clothes and you weigh 37 pounds. Your favorite foods are popcorn, ham sandwiches, sliced tomatoes with salt and pepper and Tokyo. Your favorite color is red. 

Wow. I can't believe I was actually nervous about writing this. I actually thought I would not be able to come up with enough to write about. Turns out, you've been quite the accomplisher and have grown up tons this past year. Love you always and always and always. Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much.

Love, Your Mommy :)


  1. Beautiful letter to your 6 year old!

    I popped by because I saw your link to the Review Crew... I've applied too, and it looks like I'll be on it. Have you heard back yet? I'm hoping to connect with other homeschooling mommies, as we get ready to do the "Crew" lol

    Good luck!

    1. I am doing my sample review this week and sending it in, I really hope to get picked. Seems like a wonderful opportunity. What's your blog?