Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mr. Green Rabbit ...

Meet Mr. Green Rabbit.
Kohen's First BFF.
This rabbit was bought with Kolt, our second child. The poor thing never really got any good playtime with Kolt or Kruz. It's been shoved away in a "baby toy" box. Until now that it. This little guy was brought out with the playmat and has quickly become Kohen's play pal.
It normally goes something like this: I will lay Kohen down on his belly on his playmat. He likes to look at all the color on that side for about 3 seconds. He scoots quite a ways, pushing off those tiny little toes. I move him back to the playmat and always laugh because he reminds me so much of Kollin. Then he rolls onto his back and watches and plays with his friend: Mr. Green Rabbit. It's quite hilarious, the big smile Mr. Green Rabbit gets. Then he pulls on him, slobbers on him and eventually Mr. Green Rabbit falls. And then Kohen cries. Until you put that darn Rabbit back up there again.