Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Thoughts on a New Year ...

I am such a blog creeper. And even though I probably already know what events have happened with my pals and who's kid is sicker than the other ... I still love to read their blogs. For a lot of people, their blog is where they open up and let it all hang out. I love to read about the other abnormal and dysfunctional Mommas who need coffee in order to function for the day. ((Sigh)) I am reassured that I am not the only one. To me, a good blog is like a juicy diary. The writer just leaves it out for the world to read instead of hiding it under their pillow.

 During my blog creeping I was catching up with this lady Nicole. I was catching up on all the Pope madness and read one of her posts titled - A Word. After I read it and the ones from the New Years before I asked myself what my word would be for this year. What one word would I proclaim in 2013?

Welcoming 2013. Yes, we let our kiddos hang out until midnight.

With a New Year in tow, I like many others start to think about change. I have never been the one to keep resolutions. Or even make them for that matter. I guess I always think to myself why say I will never drink another Coke when I know the first time I go eat Japanese I am going to order that dark brown, carbonated goodness. Or getting off these last few Kohen pounds. My life is not suddenly going to get any less busy in 2013 and therefore, no gym memberships or Zumba classes will be in my near future. So I choose not to make actual resolutions for making a sudden change in my crazy life is makeup for failure. 

But one word to try and live by more? I can do that ;) 


That's my word. 

I often find myself with a negative attitude, I think I've rubbed off on my husband too. Or heck, maybe he's to blame. Maybe he's the Negative Nancy to rub off on me. Either way, I want to be a positive light in my children's lives, to my parents and brother. To my friends. Being positive brings so much more into a life. It brings encouragement. It brings faith. It brings love. It brings better health. 

I am often down about my body and how I SWEAR Kohen made my hips 10 inches wider! But you know what? I have this amazing, healthy baby boy who brings me all kinds of smiles and joy. What's a pants size up compared to that?


I will love my body that has birthed FOUR glorious boys and try to eat healthier this year. I am planning to maintain a healthier eating regimen and really, really enjoy that one Coke every now and then. 


This year I want to fall more and more in love with that hottie husband of mine. I know, I know - you always read that on cards and a husband's birthday Facebook post - "I fall in love with you more everyday...". But do I really? Do I even take the time to?
This year I want to kiss him more. And hug him more. And thank him more. And talk to him more. And laugh with him more. Our life is so crazy hectic that some days we will get all the way to bed and I will think, 'Geez, did I even hug him today?'. Bad, I know. But I am certain I am not the only one. 

We will celebrate 10 years of marriage this year and I still want the yearning of learning more about him. I want more date nights with him. I want to hear him more - his thoughts, worries and what he looks forward to in life. I want to actually fall in love with him more and more everyday. 


Another note on love? I want to be on a whole new love level with my Savior. I want to feel his presence more in my life. I want to seek him more. And not only that, I want to be more like Him. Nothing in this world is a more positive way of starting your day than starting it with Him. I plan to read His Word through and through this year. Something I have started twice and never finished. I am looking forward to learning more that I can tuck away in my heart and more that I can share with the world. I believe there is no better way to be a light in your children's lives than letting His light shine in you. 


So there. That's my word for 2013. And there's my juicy diary entrance I just left out for you to read ...

 P.S. Happy New Year to you and yours :)

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  1. Love it Kelsey. I think that is a great thing to do. Just pick one word and follow through on that one word for the year. Love the pictures also. I can't believe how good of a picture that turned out to be of me.