Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Stats Are In ...

And Imagine It! was a BIG hit with Kollin and Kolt!

They had a such a great time and they were able to experience it all with Josie and some new friends. In my planner, that's a GREAT day! 

Here you go, follow us around in these pictures from our day yesterday ...

Here we are. Right before our tap dancing debut! 

The boys had a total revelation that milk comes from the cow's "boobies". Kolt couldn't stop laughing and Kollin thought it was gross. I see a Field Trip to a Farm in our near future.

Our first Exploration Station was about fruits and veggies. He talked about how we eat some leaves, stems and roots. I was just glad someone else told them "You are what you eat"!

Love how Kolt sticks his tongue out when he is thinking so hard!! What's funnier? He gets it from me :P

Kollin is such an ar-teeeeest!! 

The Moon Dough station occupied them for a while.

The relay race was a big hit with Kolt! It's been the first thing he talks about when anyone asks him about the museum. 

All the rest are on the main reason Nicole and I picked this trip: weather! Nichols' Prep and Pope Academy have been learning all about clouds and such this month. This place was perfect. They learned and were able to interact first hand with hurricanes, tornados, thunderstorms, how a cloud floats, why it rains and much more. Very accomplishing day for this homeschoolin' Momma!

We did much more, but instead of worrying about more pictures - I played with them. (And learned something too!) 

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