Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Good Friday.

Most times I ask myself (before I blog) if I have anything of importance to say.
Anything profound. Anything of worth. Anything really deep.
I had to say to my inner lady, "Hello? Knock, knock. Anybody in there? Your daily life is of worth!!"
 It's all the days and moments in between the really "blog-worthy" ones that make up most of my life.
And maybe it's because I do have more kids than most folks my age. Or maybe it's because all of my kids are boys. Maybe it's because we homeschool. Maybe it's a combination of it all, but for some crazy reason - people like to read about my family.
My life.
My kids.
My bad moments.
My chaos
And the moments when I am on top of the world.
My point is, this blog is for more than the times when I have something deep to say. This blog is meant for me to not only vent and share my thoughts, but to also keep a record of all the days in between. I plan to start adding more of all the days in between the really good moments. You know, just the everyday life here at the Nichols' house.
Starting right now.
So Friday my oldest two jumped out of bed, threw on work clothes and announced they were going to work with Daddy. I love days like that because I know that Kollin and Kolt crave that time with their Daddy.
And they are so extra excited to earn a dollar at the end of the day.
So at 9:00 I started planning my day. I knew it would include Kruz, Kohen and shopping for white button downs for Easter. My very next thought - I'm calling MawMaw to join me.
So we packed up the kiddies, the stroller and headed to Tanger.
A couple fits later, 6 shopping bags, and a Sprite - we were done. I had got what I went for. And some extra stuff too.

I always have fun with MawMaw. We normally end up spending more than we should, we laugh and this particular afternoon we enjoyed some Captain D's. One of my favorites that no one else (other than my MawMaw) loves. I enjoyed all the greasiness, my large sweet tea and spending the day with her ...


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