Monday, March 11, 2013

Just Showing Out ...

Wow. Has it really been over a week since I last blogged? Seems as though my crazy life took over and I have been unable to sit longer than 5 minutes behind the computer. Heck, I'm only blogging now because I am at the local library. Alone.

Peace and quiet.

I wanted to share with you guys something that blessed my socks off yesterday. I got a message from a lady I met last fall through Kolt's football team. That is one thing I love about my kids being in activities, the awesome friends I make. I mean they make. Heck, we all make friends! Her name is Marie, she was one of the other player's grandparent. She told me she was looking for a church and asked if she could join our family Sunday. Of course, I said yes! It is always refreshing for my spirit to have a new face come to church. Little did I know just how refreshed I would be.

She met me there with her two wonderful grandbabies. I showed them to their Sunday School rooms. Kollin was so excited because one of them is his age. Marie had 2 choices for Sunday School, the adult class or the women's class. I encouraged her to head to the women's class, the teacher in there is such a special lady and I knew she would welcome Marie in with open arms. There was so much in store here, God had His hand upon the situation and I didn't even know it.

After Sunday School, I waited outside of Marie's room so I could show her where we sit. She came out with a huge smile and locked arms with another wonderful lady in our church. They had become friends, just like that. I was so delighted in the Lord when I saw the two of them head into the sanctuary together.

During the alter call I joined Marie, her new friend Mrs. Betty and Mrs. Norma (the teacher of the women's class) for prayer. Marie had renewed her relationship with Christ, that was a renewal for me as well. I am so refreshed when I see others hand over their trials to Christ. I witness the weight being lifted and that look of anguish disappear from their face as they have given their problems to God. I've been there, I know the overwhelming feeling of having a burden lifted.

There is nothing like it.

Our pastor prayed with her and I spoke to Mrs. Betty afterwards. As if the morning had not been wonderful enough, she proceeded to tell me she had recently lost a very close friend to cancer. Her friend had such an upbeat personality, just like Marie's. She talked like her and smiled like her. And her name was Marie.

I said to myself ...

God - Now You are just showing out.

God is amazing. His hand is upon our lives constantly. His love is never ending and when you give your problems to Him - there is nothing like it. I am overjoyed that Marie and Mrs. Betty have found one another. My prayer is that their friendship will grow, become stronger and these ladies with continually refresh one another's spirit.

Happy Monday everyone! May you be refreshed in Him.

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