Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Best and the Worst ...

I like to follow this Facebook family, We Are THAT Family. One thing I read a while back that they did was at dinner they asked their kids the best thing about their day and the worst thing about their day. I thought this was such a cool idea to engage in a conversation with your kids, so we adopted the idea. 

Now. Because our dinner time normally consist of "Eat your broccoli" and "You've been at the table for 30 minutes, please just EAT!" and occasionally the whole set-the-timer gig to see who can scarf their dinner down in time to get out the door to church or some sporting event, we do the best and the worst conversation at bedtime. It's a nice way to settle them down and chit chat before I send them into sweet dreams, or so I hope. 

Tonight, these were the boys' best and worst moments of our day:

Kollin's Best: Hitting a "homerun" at his baseball game
Kollin's Worst: Not getting to go to MawMaw and PawPaw's house like Kolt and Kruz did

Kolt's Best: Going to MawMaw and PawPaw's house
Kolt's Worst: Taking a nap

Kruz' Best: Riding in the "beep" at Heidi's (I believe he meant the Jeep)
Kruz' Worst: Kolt pushed him down the stairs 
(Um, that did not happen and he later declared his worst moment was hitting his toe)

My kids are each so different. 

 Each of their personalities steal the show around here - just imagine all of the show stealing we got going on. Some days their personalities will collide with one another, but most days they just go hand-in-hand with exactly the way God intended our family to be. 

Kollin is the oldest. And has every oldest sibling trait one could possibly get. He is dominating and likes to think he is the third parent around here. When he seems to be tough as nails, he is actually very sensitive and "wears his heart on his sleeve", as my Momma would say. He craves attention and also needs alone time in his room. He is quite the character and loves for all eyes to be on him. He has a thirst for encouragement, good days and longs for the day when he doesn't have to nap anymore.

 Kolt is our second and such an old soul. He is shy and fearless all at the same time. He loves to be like Kollin, but is as free as a bird. If we had to pin the whiniest on one of ours, it would have to be Kolt. I constantly have to remind him to "use his words" throughout the day. He is very creative and can make any two objects crash and wreck, sound effects included. He is a whiz with numbers. 

 Kruz is just an animal. No seriously. An animal. He is such a sweetheart though and does not like it when he doesn't get his way. Most of the time it results in a shrill scream and a "You're a big ole' baby Mommy!!". I guess that's all two year olds though, hm? He is in that between stage of wanting to be so grown like his 2 big brothers, yet still needing that baby time too. Just today at nap he insisted I rock him to sleep. Yea, I ate that up. Kruz loves to be with his Daddy and misses him the most during the day. That child gets as excited over a mower as a kid in a candy store. It's quite hilarious. 

Kohen, I'm not exactly sure about him yet. One moment he is as sweet as can be and the next moment he is screaming to the top of his lungs for a bite of your pie. One thing I am sure of though, he is a total Mommy's boy. Yah!

I love to watch each of them grow, learn and change day in and day out. 

Tonight as I type this I can hear giggles from their room. They're talking about ... you guessed it: poo poo and barf. Maybe any other parent would go in and correct them, but I'll just sit here and take in the fact that the three of them are all agreeing on one thing. 

Even if it is that poo poo and barf are the two funniest words on the face of the earth. 


  1. I love that kruz's best part of his day was at my house!!! Your kids are all unique and made for great things. I find birth order characteristics very interesting and found similarities in our kids. Love you and all your boys!!!