Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Grateful Big Momma, A Blessed Little Lady ...

I love that you guys love me. And I say that oh, so humbly. I smiled from ear to ear when a reader posted on my Facebook that she was patiently waiting on this post.

I smiled, I laughed and I got to work posting. 

We had Miss Khloe Ruth's showers this past weekend and well, I am one grateful Big Momma to one blessed Little Lady. 

Saturday, some of my close family and friends gathered at my Momma's house. I missed not having any of the folks from my Daddy's side of the family or from Travis' side, but every one who was able to come made the day super special and unforgettable. 

My Momma, MawMaw and one of my closest girlfriends Heidi decorated beautifully, had delicious food and some great games. It was just perfect

To say my Momma has been planning this shin-dig since the very day we found she was a she is no exaggeration at all. She put so much time, effort and sweet, precious Pinteresting into planning this thing - thank you Momma! You are THE best.

The food was everything I asked for and more. There was loads of fruit and veggies, which I'm still snacking on. All of my favorite dips, chicken salad sandwiches and the most delicious cake ever by my favorite Cake Girl - Mrs. Aimee Baker of Bakerz Joy 

As for the games, I swear these either make or break a shower. Heidi is so good at hosting and picking out just the right fun!

 For the first one, I waddled around modeling a tray of baby goodies, things like diapers, wipes, baby lotion, a rattle, teething gel and such. I disappeared for a few minutes and Heidi asked everyone to write down everything I was wearing. Haha, it was a good one. Someone even wrote down my pink bra, guess I should make sure I'm not leaning over so much. For the second game, titled Daddy Knows Best, she asked Travis 15 questions about babies/Khloe/kids in general. I, of course, had to answer what I thought he would say. Turns out according to Travis, our kids take naps until they're five. I wish. And just for laughs, here are the questions, his answers and mine. Remember though, I was trying to answer in the mind of a man. Looks like I didn't give him enough credit ... 

1. How many diapers does a baby need each day?
T: 5
K: 4

2. How many do you change?
T: 0 Monday through Friday, 2-3 when I'm home
K: 2 when he is home

3. How many hours does a baby sleep per day?
T: 10-12
K: 14-16

4. When does a baby sleep through the night?
T: 6 months
K: 1 year

5. When does a child stop taking naps?
T: 5
K: 4

6. When does a baby start eating solid foods?
T: 6 months
K: 6 months

7. What made Kelsey nauseous/sick with this pregnancy?
T: When the boys were sick, throwing up
K: Bacon, coffee, everything with a smell

8. What foods did Kelsey crave?
T: Gezzos and Starbucks
K: Gezzos

9. How long do you think Kelsey will be in labor?
T: 30 minutes
K: 1 hour

10. Who was right about the gender of the baby?
T: I wasn't. We were both skeptical
K: He wasn't, I knew it was a girl

11. Who is the more strict parent?
T: I am
K: He is

12. Will Khloe be born with a lot of hair?
T: Yes
K: Not really.

13. What do you think Khloe's personality will be like?
T: Outgoing and tough
K: Calm and sweet.

14. Who will she look like?
T: A mix of me and Kelsey, but mostly like Kruz
K: Kruz

15. What will be the best part about having a girl?
T: Daddy-Daughter date nights, spoiling her and never spanking her
K: The Father-Daughter wedding dance

And of course, there was the opening of the gifts! We received tons of diapers, wipes, a fabulous monogrammed hamper, some super cute clothes, pacifiers, a beautiful piece to hang in her room and loads more! I also had three adorable little ladies to help pass out all of the goodies.  

Here are some of the special ladies in my life I was able to snag a photo with.

And there was this one guy there. He's kinda one of my favorite little people ... 

And Sunday, the sweet church ladies showered us with gifts all over again and another delicious cake. 

Thank you, thank you and thank you to everyone who has given to Miss Khloe, said prayers for her and all the precious words of wisdom I have heard. You guys are so special to us and I can't wait for you all to meet Miss Khloe Ruth!

 "Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy ..."
Philippians 1: 3-4 (NLT)

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