Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Great Laugh (in 20 years that is).

Mr. Kollin can write now. Way to go Kollin! Not so much though when your bedroom walls and permanent markers get involved. Yes. My lovely hubs left a big, fat, black permanent marker in the reach of our children. And Kollin felt the need to display his fabulous penmanship all over our master bedroom walls (see pictures below). Only two good things remain: this will scoot my husband along in painting our room and my kid can write pretty darn good for his age. We did, however have a super long talk with Kollin about where we write and color. Walls NOT included. And in Kollin's defense he says, " I know Mommy, but you haven't painted yet. I would never do this on a painted wall. And Mommy, you love it when I write my name anyway." I just have to think to myself, this will be a great laugh in 20 years.

Next to my nightstand.

Above our bed.

Well, there have been some new things happening around here, so let's share:

1. Kruzer is climbing the stairs. I am chasing this kid everywhere now, including the staircase. Looks like buying a baby gate will be in our future. Until then, I have to be on-the-go all day to keep up with him.

2. A budget. Travis and I have decided a budget is needed in this household, probably should have come a long time ago - better late than never. We are using the envelope system to help us. Our fabulous friends Heidi and Jeff are guiding the way through advice and prayer. Thanks guys! We look forward to being debt free.

3. Couponing. Another daunting task that is rewarding, but TONS of work. I bought 3 double papers at Publix Sunday morning and spent close to 4 hours yesterday cutting coupons. I did, however save a HUGE amount of money last week at the grocery store. So much that I will continue clipping and saving. Guess this goes hand in hand with budgeting.

Today I am thankful for:

All of the "not so funny at the time, but will be great laughs in 20 years" moments. With 3 growing boys, we have tons of these. I look forward to the times I will be able to share these unforgettable moments with my children and grandchildren. I just need to be reminded of this at the times these chaotic moments happen :)


  1. omg at kollin! although his quick wit probably put a smile on your face while in your head you're thinking "what in the world were you thinking"

  2. Oh... my gosh. That is so funny (as an outsider) but he does write exceptionally well. =) Proud of you for couponing! It's so fun and such a rush when your savings exceed your expenditure. Way to go!

  3. I am pretty certain that you wrote "kelsey" on our wall at one time. And mommy you DO love when he writes his name!!!

  4. I love Kollin's artwork. What did we ever do before we had children? Life is so much more fun with them!
    We are so excited for ya'll in doing a budget. We are just managers of God's money because ultimately it comes from Him and we should seek His will with our spending!
    We love ya'll!