Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's Post.

It's after midnight and I, once again, am up reading, and being a bit jealous, I might add. Reading what? My friend's blogs. I am catching up on what the Baxter's have been up to and the wonderful Durrette ladies. With a whiny inner voice, I say: I want to blog too. So I am.

And of course, an all new blog must have an all new name. August Twelfth. The day I met the man I call The Hubs. Travis Ray Nichols. He is my beginning and my end. August 12th, 2001 started it all. The friendship, the relationship, the present, and the future. So why not name our blog after that wonderful day? To me, it's perfect.

I would love to blog once a day, now how realistic that, not so sure. But even if it is just a paragraph on what our day entailed, because you know with three youngins there is always something new happening. And once a year, I would love to have this blog printed to show them just how crazy they drove me everyday :)

Today I am thankful for:

My church family. Today was Pastor/Staff Appreciation Day at our church, what a nice reminder of how blessed my family really is to have such an amazing church family. They are helping to mold Travis and I into the people and parents we are today. Thank you again!

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