Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So I am sure most of us can agree that while growing up we were told to get outside and play. I remember my brother and I had a clubhouse in the corner of the yard and when we got up and ate breakfast we were told to "...go find something to do!" There were no playrooms, Wiis or Nick Jr that had continuous cartoons all. day. long. We had the outdoors. With that being said, I am having the hardest time getting my boys outside. They are spoiled to the AC, television and massive slew of inside toys. There was a nice breeze this moring and with a fenced in backyard, there is no reason why they can't go outside and play. Just play. Collect pine cones, dig a hole. Get dirty for crying out loud. And if you're thirsty, go drink from the hose. :) They played for about 20 minutes and then stood at the back door, looking inside at me folding clothes and just watched. I was like, "...geez, GET OUTSIDE!!!"

Travis came home shortly and we decided to go do something....outside :) We headed to the Clayton County Wetlands, which was wonderful! We walked the trials, talked about the wetlands, looked for animals, bugs and birds. We scared all the turtles away though, imagine that. But the fish stayed around to see us and the boys loved it. Kollin's favorite find was the blue and black lizard, Kolt's was a stick and mine was a caterpillar. We will definietly go back there for more fun OUTSIDE!!

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