Thursday, September 15, 2011

Park and a haircut

Travis came in Wednesday morning a tad exhausted from his 24 hour shift. So after my photo session I took the kiddos to the park so the house would be quiet. Of course they had a blast at Hampton Park. There were other kids there since school was out, and more kids always equals more fun. Kruzer watched from the stroller for some of the time, but was eager to get to the swings. So in he went and the big boys shared a swing. I thought to myself, what an advantage to having little kids. Haha. Kruzer giggled the whole time and Kollin and Kolt just wanted to go higher and higher. I bet they swung for 30 minutes. Then it was off to Great Clips for Kolt. He doesn't do well with haircuts and this time was no exception. He screamed the entire time. It was all worth it though, his "Justin Beiber" hair is adorable :)

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