Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Story of You Goes Like This...

I am pretty sure the very day Mommy and Daddy got married I wanted you. From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to be a Mommy when I grew up. After almost three years Mommy and Daddy were married we found out in February 2006, we were pregnant. I just knew from the day I found out, I was going to have a boy. We went to Target when I was only 6 weeks pregnant and bought a boy onesie, it was bright blue with a firetruck on it :)

You were the first: the first ultrasound, the first kick in my belly, the first nursery to decorate, the first one to make me nervous, the first one we loved like we never knew we could.

On the night Mommy went into labor, I was watching The O.C., which used to be one of Mommy's favorite shows. My contractions started around 7pm on November 9th and slowly but surely they began to get closer and closer. About 10pm we headed to Southern Regional. On the way we called YahYah and Mommy's MawMaw. When we arrived at the hospital, I was only dialated 2 centimeters. The nurse made Mommy walk the hallways for one hour and drink an entire gallon of water. As I floated back to the triage, I was still only dialated 2 stinkin' centimeters. And so, they gave Mommy 2 Ambiens, which would help me get some rest (or so they thought) and sent me home. I was so disappointed. I was so ready to meet you. On the drive home, Mommy's contractions began to get very intense. Daddy and I were only 10 minutes away from home and Mommy's water broke IN THE CAR! I felt very sick afterwards and spent the next 10 minutes throwing up in the ditch on the side of the road. Lovely, right? Daddy ran red lights and went way to fast to get Mommy back to the hospital.

Walking back into the hospital, I was drenched and in pain! The nurse immediately took me to a room and said, "Get ready! I believe we've got a baby on the way!!" I was excited, nervous, anxious and happy. Most of all, I was ready!!

Now, please know that your Mommy is one heck of a trooper. I was bound and determined to have you naturally-no epidural, no pain medications. About 2am, I was fully dialated and ready to start pushing. About this same time, the sleep medications they gave Mommy really started to kick in. All in all, Mommy pushed about 2 1/2 hours, with no pain medications to get you out! Little did we know, your stubborness would only continue...

When you finally decided to make your grand entrance at 4:46am on November 10th, Daddy, YahYah and MawMaw were all there. Mommy was so exhausted from pushing, but when the nurse handed you to me and I held you for the first time I felt something I had never felt before. An uncontrollable, unconditional, undeniable, out of this world love. A love you will only know when you have a child of your own.

You were wonderful in the hospital. You had a head full of black hair and a nose that said "Travis Nichols" all over it :) You had so many visitors we lost count. When we brought you home, YahYah stayed around for a few days to help out. But on some point of day three, I was alone with you. And for the first time, I cried. I cried so hard, I was sobbing. I realized the love my Mom and Dad always said they had for me. I loved you so much, I could physically feel my heart hurting. I was scared, but I knew that God had me and you together for a reason. I held you and I cried for quite some time.

I am pretty sure you crawled with your belly off the floor by 4 months, walked by 9 months and was talking in complete sentences before you were 1. You did and still do amaze Daddy and I to this very day. In fact, you grew up so fast, that by the time you were 9 months old, Daddy and I were pregnant with your little brother Kolt. You were 19 months old when we brought him home, and if looks could've killed the first time you met him, well-you know what would've happened. You eventually warmed up to him though. You used to color on his bald head with pink marker and give hime things you know he shouldn't have so he would get in trouble. Oh, how times had changed though when you met your next little brother, Kruz. You were a little past 3 1/2 years old when we had Kruz. When you saw him in the hosptial for the first time, you entire face lit up. All you wanted to do was touch his nose, eyes and his bald head. You were oh so gentle with him, it was so sweet.

Years have flown by, and oh kiddo-you have been such a joy and blessing to watch grow. You are by far one of the most deep and soulful kids I know. You really think about things. In fact, just the other day you asked me about the rapture. What kid your age even knows about the rapture? You never cease to amaze me and Daddy. The words you use and the things you talk about and ask about are insane sometimes. You give us a run for our money for sure, you make us laugh everyday. As a matter of fact, you are such a little performer. You love to make people laugh, dance and you love instruments. You want to start piano lessons very soon and karate and acting and baseball again :) You love a little bit of it all. Which makes you a very rounded character.

You are so excited about turning FIVE!!! Mommy is a little sad, but so excited for you and the journey you will continue. I just know in my heart that you are going to do amazing things for God. You are always asking if this person or this person has God in their heart, and when you get home and in bed-you pray for them. I love to listen to you pray. You amaze me how you talk to God like you talk to me. Just like he is your best friend. I am so proud to say you belong to me. :)

And so, with tears in my eyes, I will say Happy FIFTH Birthday Kollin Nichols. I hope your day rocks!!

Love, Mommy :)

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