Sunday, February 19, 2012

Inspired by a five year old...

Wow, back to blogging. So many awesome and crazy days have come and gone and I have failed to blog. I pray God will keep those memories tucked away in my heart and when they do come to mind, that he gives me a second to stop and blog them. :)

Sunday mornings are always a little hectic when I do them on my own. Travis' job takes him away for 24 hours at a time and I've always said Sundays are my toughest days. Even when the clothes are ironed the night before and laid out, the bowls and spoons on the counter ready for our morning cereal and oatmeal-something always catches me off guard. Maybe Kruzer will decide to run and hide for his morning "business" right before I grab him up for his car seat or Kolt will accidentally spill his milk all over his dress shirt. Something always happens.

This morning it was a car seat. Kollin's car seat was left in Travis' truck, which means Kruzer's old seat must be pulled from the chaotic garage and fastened in. Needless to say, I was prepared for the off beat this morning and still arrived on time to Sunday School. The boys are swept away to their classes and I to my own. Songs are sung, a message is preached and off to the house we go for lunch, naps, an early dinner and off to church we go again. Don't get me wrong, I am enveloped in my morning message. I worship Him and seize the opportunity to give Him praise. But most of my "single Mommy" Sundays seem to run the same.

Morning services are always a little different than night services. I am pumped for our small group to meet, pumped to sing our praise and worship and pumped for the message. But by the time I get back there for night service, I am exhausted, worn out and ready for bed. Since Kollin has turned 5, Travis and I decided he was old enough to sit in "big church" as he calls it. We love the fact that even though he colors, he is hearing the Word of God being spoken. He may not necessarily understand it all, but I am sure he takes in more than we think. An altar call was given for those who would like to come pray- to take time and give God some praise. To pray for healing or whatever your need may be. At this time, knowing I still have a snack to give, three kids to bath and put to bed-I normally slip out with Kollin to get the other 2 from nursery. As I went to grab my purse, Kollin grabbed my hand with no thought or hesitation and walked us down to the altar. He looked at me and said, "Come pray with me Mommy." He marched us on down there and I knelt while he sat. His hands folded, eyes closed and "Dear Heavenly Father...", he began to pray. I tried to catch it all, but I couldn't help but be so overtaken by a thankful heart. He thanked God for all that He does for us, that he would heal his Poppie and thanked Him for dieing on the cross for his sins. He also gave some thanks for the music in our church, saying he loved the songs they sang because they were about Jesus and weren't devil songs. Made me get a little tickled.

After about 5 minutes of him praying aloud, he looked at me and smiled. I told him how proud I was that he loved Jesus so much and we walked back to our seat. I was reminded right then by five year old that snacks, baths and bed can wait. We are given thousands of opportunities to thank Him and praise Him and how often do we pass them up?


You TRULY inspired Mommy tonight. I am so grateful to have such a compassionate kid like you. Sure, you still have your tantrums sometimes and take sly big brother shots at Kolt most days, but deep down you are so loving and God-filled. I know that the Lord has something amazing in store for you. Watching and listening to you pray tonight only made me more excited to see where your days will take you and the young man you will grow into. I pray each day that you only continue to love Jesus more and grow in Him. I pray you keep the steadfast attitude about how no matter what, Jesus "gets the devil" as you say :) Thank you for that amazing reminder you gave me tonight. I love you big boy.



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