Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just a Cherry Starburst...

One word to describe Travis and I right now: busy. In the month of July we had a major happening: we welcomed Kohen into our lives. Not to mention, Kolt turning 4, Kruz turning 2, Travis turning 29 and throwing the boys their birthday bash. In the midst of the extra stuff, we continue our daily routines of work, church and household duties. Often we find ourselves laying down for bed between 11 and 12, exhausted-only to get a few hours of sleep. Often we find ourselves so busy we forget to kiss one another before bed or in the mornings. Often we find ourselves so busy we forget to have a conversation that doesn't entail peeing, pooping, naptime or the names of our kiddos. We are Mommy and Daddy 24/7, but before Mommy and Daddy was Travis and Kelsey. Often we forget that.

So the other night, Travis and I were laying in bed. Probably around 11 o'clock. And I was eating a bag of Starbursts. Yes, I was eating a bag of Starbursts in my bed at nearly midnight. Two things are in my defense with this situation. Number 1, nursing Kohen has made me hungry all day, every day and has made me crave sweets like crazy. And number 2, I was only eating the pink ones. So we're laying there talking about what the rest of the week had to bring us, and Travis asked for a red Starburst. The cherry flavored one, which is clearly (in my opinion) the yuckiest one in the bag. Everyone's favorite is the pink one. Right? I proceed to tell him my opinion on the cherry flavored candy and he says, "Really? The red one is my favorite." And it hit me. Something new. After 11 years of us being a couple and nearly 9 of those being marriage, I still learned something new about my husband. His favorite Starburst is the red one. Something so small, I know. But it reminded me how important it is for us to be us more often and to always yearn to learn something new about one another. I love that man like something fierce and it overwhelmed me with joy to know something new about him. Small, yes. But certainly a huge reminder.

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  1. Love this! I always get all excited when I learn something new about Andrew. You'd think after 12 years, we'd have them down pat!