Friday, August 3, 2012

My first First Day done on the Second Day...

I have been meaning to tag along in this project called First Day. Pretty much the first day of each month you snap shots throughout your day, it really is a cool way to watch your kiddos grow. Of course it slipped my mind on the first day, so I was determined to get it done on the second. And I did :) Here are some parts of our day...

P.S. Kruzer had to wear a diaper for most of the day due to some serious tummy trouble (if you get my drift)...

 Look at this picture, Kohen was doing some serious smilin' underneath that blanket :)



  1. UGH! That baby! Those tippie toes! It's all too manly at your place!

    And I'm so glad to see that my kids aren't the only children that won't eat a sandwich the normal way!

  2. These pictures are too sweet. I especially love the last one!
    I can't imagine keeping up with four kiddos...most days two seems like a lot! :)