Thursday, September 27, 2012

Being a Birder

Who would've thought I'd be a birder?
Lesson 2 of Apologia is all about what makes a bird a bird. When I read over this lesson and began planning I knew I wanted to take them to Noah's Ark. They have this awesome bird sanctuary and that is exactly where I taught science yesterday. Travis, Kruz and Kohen headed off to see the monkeys while myself and the other two sat in the shade with our science notebooks and did our lesson. (Have I mentioned how much I love homeschooling?) We talked about feathers differentiating birds from other animals, the benefits of birds, what being a birder meant and how to attract birds to your backyard. Kollin had fun making notes and drawings in his book and Kolt loved to sit and watch their behaviors.


 Another thing we have learned about is how God gave animals instincts. Just as if God spoke to us and said here is proof, we saw a Mother Hen scratching the leaves out of the way trying to find her chick food. The boys were so amazed that she just knew how to do that, no instructions given. How perfect ...

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