Friday, December 14, 2012

Pick it Out & Cut it Down ...

One tradition my family always had growing up was having a real Christmas tree.
My Momma and Daddy never did the fake ones that you got down from the attic.
Oh no-no. We always went to the tree farm and cut down our own, hauled it home on top of the car and decorated it together.
When I was little, the best part was picking out the tree. Still is. But now I get to watch my own run through the rows, speculating, turning down a hundred, then finding the perfect tree.  
This is the one the boys picked out. A little crooked, but perfect still.
Another great part is letting the kids do the work ;)
Or at least one of the kids. Kolt and Kruz were focused on their candy canes from Santa.
Traditions are so important to me. And I want them to be important to my boys and their families too. This is a tradition I want to last forever.

Sometimes families live so far apart and a tradition is all they have. Some are silly, some are yearly, some are as old as Methusa and some are ones you start yourselves...

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  1. LOVE it! Last year was our first year getting a real tree and I love it now!