Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rock Star ...

This time last year our entire family participated in the church Christmas play. Travis, myself, Kolt and Kruz portrayed a family enjoying their Christmas tree together.
Kollin was on the other end of the stage dressed up like a Star ...
And right in the middle of the darn play, that cute little Star ran on and off the stage back and forth to sit with his YahYah, whom I swore would never be allowed to sit on the front row again. 
A little astonishment, a little embarrassment and a little laughter later ... he was asked to participate again this year.

Three months of practicing, several rehearsals in the car and much anticipation of Kollin returning to the stage ... really paid off. I watched my oldest son on stage with a mic declare the Glory of God with his participation.

I was for sure at any moment the realization of having a live mic in his hand was going to click and he would bust out "Everybody Dance Now" ...

Nope. Not once. He did awesome! Kollin knew every line, every move and even had a little 'umf' when he shouted, "Lets Rock n Roll!!"
It's the little things we may not consider when teaching our children about Christ.
No matter how little the act, he is letting his light shine on that stage for God. And that's amazing!
Here are some shots of his Fan Club:


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