Saturday, January 12, 2013

A New Lifestyle ...

I refuse to say I am dieting.

I am so not a dieter. I do not do well with calorie counting, drinking Diet Coke or rice cakes. I will say though, that our family is committing to a new lifestyle with our eating habits. And I am stoked about it!

 In the past few months I have started researching processed foods and their harmful effects. I was astonished at the chemicals, preservatives and downright horrifying things I was putting into my body and feeding to my children. Seemed like cutting out places like McDonald's just wasn't good enough. 

It has become such a realization to me that I am starting habits that my kids will pass on to their families, so on and so forth. The boys only know the habits I show them. They see what is in my cup, what is on my plate, what is in my grocery cart. I am thankful they are still at an age where they can be taught about foods that aren't frozen or in a box.

I began most of my research by following Lisa Leake at 100 Days of Real Food. Her consistency amazes me and we have adopted a ton of her recipes into our weekly menu. Some of our favorites have become her Homemade Chicken Nuggets, PB & J Smoothie and her Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. I would say our family has cut out about 70% of processed foods from following Lisa's advice. 

Although I know this change in itself is great for our health in the long run, it seems like our everyday life has remained the same. By life I mean Travis and I still wake up exhausted and rely on coffee for energy. We still feel bloated. I am very discouraged by cellulite and a tummy that pooches out more than I see fit. We still have headaches, acne and back aches. 

 So okay, we removed most of the processed junk - why aren't we feeling better? 

(Insert more research)

I found this awesome book called The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. When I first read the title, I was thinking 'Awesome, this chick is going to give me a great 7 day cleanse and I am going to rid myself of the ickiness ... I'll feel better. Then what I eat on a daily basis won't seem so bloating ...'. Boy - was I ever wrong. I will not recite the crazy details, but in short I learned I consumed WAY too much animal protein, not near enough leafy stuff or raw veggies and I was pretty much jacking up my entire day starting with my first steps into the kitchen. On top of those things, the most important info I read was that I have no energy because my body is using it all to digest all the meats, cheeses, eggs, etc I am putting in there. I know what you think I am about to say and no-

I am not becoming a vegan!

I am however going to constrain the amount of animal protein I intake and also work on my food pairing. Yep, I have a long journey ahead of me. And it starts today. Right now. 

This morning. 

I've convinced Travis to join me (he agreed to only 7 days - men!) I hope he will see a big difference though and will want to continue with me on this lifestyle change.

 I will let you know our progress ...

For now, Happy Saturday to you! I'm off to drink my Glowing Green Smoothie :) 

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