Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some Bad Mamma-Jamma Ain't Gonna Get Me Down ...

Here lately, I have been on this total high ...
... High on joy that is. Sounds cliche - I know. But seriously, I have been. I have really been working on my relationship with Christ, I have the entire month of February planned for homeschool, I have gained what I am sure is to be an amazing new friend, I started a new Women's Support Group/Bible Study, I got a new 'do' ...
And the list goes on.
And on.
And on. 
And in one swift motion some bad mamma-jamma has started to go down ...
The husband has been in a 'funk' - and I guess has every right to be. He is less a working arm and that is driving him crazy. I am refusnig to let his funkiness rub off on me ... actually, I am trying to rub off my giddyness on him. So far, it's not working. We have some big changes coming up in our lives causing him to be a little anxious. Or a lot anxious ... I'll go with that last option.
So I guess we'll take a large plate of funk with a side of robbery. Yes, you read right. The hubs got robbed while he was off of Moreland Avenue Saturday afternoon. In broad daylight, I might add. Travis wasn't far away when he started toward him and when the guy flashed a pistol, Travis knew it obviously wasn't worth what the guy was taking out of his truck and backed off. We can replace what was stolen, but replacing my husband - IMPOSSIBLE! When I think about it, I am infuriated - then relieved all at the same time that it was only an item that was taken. And not him.
My upstairs has went from organized to a bomb going off just over a weekend. Travis and I discussed swapping around some rooms and the little people in them ... discussed being key the word. So two weekends ago I come home from a baby shower to total and utter chaos. Some of this kid's clothes are in here and some in there. But then this kid has clothes and shoes over there. Oh, but wait. Here is more in this closet. Yea, that's what it's like. I am trying to work a little at a time ... and well, you see what my first day of the month is like. Imagine trying to add in some organzing and cleaning to all that. Seems impossible at the moment and even now just typing about it, I think my heart started beating faster ... then I start to worry about how we are going to replace the items that were stolen ... and before I know it I have bit off all of my nails.
One thing at a time.  
Kelsey, one thing at a time.
I refuse to let my joy get gone. RE - FUSE! I have been praying more lately, allowing God to actually assist me in my days and I have come to two conclusions.
First, I will not ask God for more time in a day, instead I will ask Him for only the time to do the things that will glorify Him. I have cut the saying, "There is not enough time in the day" out of my vocabulary. Truth is, there is enough time in the day. One just has to be picky on what is most important to enter those 24 hours you are given. I pray that God shows me what my day should be spent doing. And when my heart is open and my eyes peeled back, He does.
Second, the opposite of faith is worrying. Enough said, don't you think?
So again, I will do things one at a time and with a joyful heart and without a worrying mind.
I will not let the bad mamma-jamma ruin what I got going on ...
 2 Peter 1:3-9
I will leave with that ...


  1. Yay for all this! Even Travis' scary situation b/c we can find joy that he was not hurt and that you and the boys were not there at the time. God is working in me too, teaching me that prayer should not be a last resort or a late-night thing. It should be first and foremost. He wants to be involved in ALL parts of our lives! Thanks so much for sharing this.

    1. You are so right! I have really had to work on this, knowing he cares even about the smallest things.