Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cloud Study ...

Alongside our weekly subjects in January, we learned about clouds.
Here is the cloud chart I made for our classroom, I am rather proud of it! The idea for the chart came from The Inspired Apple. We started our study by learning the different types of clouds and eating tons of marshmellows when we talked about the fluffiness of the cumulus cloud. We started with these four, but dropped the cumulonimbus cloud because it was just too hard for my kiddies (and me) to say and picked up the nimbus cloud.
We were so blessed our first day with gorgeous weather! 73 degrees in January - total Georgia bonus! We laid in the driveway looking up at the different clouds and talked all about their differences. Who doesn't learn better first hand?
The boys had a great first day with our cloud study!

 I found these awesome math worksheets for Kolt here.
Kruz LOVED having a project he could do with us and so he jumped in on the fun when we made our cloud charts. He calls all of the clouds 'coo-moo-lus' :)

If you ever use this idea, the perfect way to make the cirrus clouds (the light, feathery ones) are to put your glue down on the paper (glue stick) and press the cotton ball up and down on the glue. Makes them perfectly wispy!

Our next project with our cloud study I even had fun with. Very simple, just use white crayon on white paper - draw your clouds (really could be used to draw anything), then water color over the entire paper.

This was another fun project Kruz was able to participate in. I love when he enjoys doing school with us!

For some more cloud fun, we headed over to Pope Academy with Nicole, Amber and their awesome kiddies.
These days are so much for me - I love to hang out with these ladies and what kid doesn't want whip cream and jello in a jar?
We Mommies also throw in some learning time with brainstorming what we've learned so far, a couple art projects and some science.
Seriously, a great day for everyone!

Don't forget to check out pictures from our field trip to Imagine It! Children's Museum where we learned tons about clouds too.
Overall, we had a great month with our on-the-side study of clouds. The boys enjoyed our outside time, which we did a ton of and I even learned a few things.
Cheers to screaming out the clouds we see out of our car windows from now on ...


  1. Bahahaha! Ava and I made meringue cookies for her teachers at church and we had a mini-science lesson on how the peaks looked like the fluffy clouds. =)

    1. Yea the cloud science thing didn't work out too well. It was very faint and I think we Mommas were more disappointed than the kids were.