Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Can't-Finish-A-Project-Itis ....

It's true.
I think Travis and I have it. It's the inability to finish a project.
Seriously. Why is it that NOTHING ever gets fully accomplished around here. I think I'm going to lose my marbles. Please tell me I'm not the only gal like this!!
We have started a project in the boys' room, our room, the school room is still not quite done, the boys' bathroom is still in need of a mirror since I ripped down the other one and I have started sanding down two different pieces of furniture ... started being the key word there.
Nothing. Gets. Finished.
We just dabble a little in this room. And "Oh! Isn't this great for 'blah blah's' room ...". And "I think I want to move the TV from here to here. And move this from here and sand down this to make it a natural wood ... (insert more brainstorming and rambling)".
And the poor husband. He totally falls into my trap. Everytime. Doing this in here until I'm ready for something else to go in that spot. He' a good sport :)
Admittng is the first step, right? The next step is takig action! I am refusing to do anything (other than tidying up) in any room until our room is complete.
I'll let you know if that is still in tact in a few days ... until then, wish me luck! 
And in high hopes, be looking for pictures of our re-do in the master!

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