Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Van Time ...

So. We did it folks. 

We broke down and traded in the Mountaineer for a trusty ole' mini van. 

I would be totally lying if I didn't say I wasn't anything short of being as happy as a witch in a broom factory. 

I am ready for no longer opening my hatch in the back and everything and it's mother falling out into the parking lot. I am ready for my children to have a DVD player to watch (educational things, of course). I am ready for Kollin and Kolt to no longer be drenched in sweat by the time we get where we are going (the Mountaineer had no rear AC). I am ready for convenience. 

I have been ready. It was the husband who needed the convincing. But doing three sports this season and be constantly on the go I believe showed him how badly we needed a van for our family. 

When we first started talking about making the change, our first step was prayer. I wanted the process to be nothing short of simple. And I wanted a DVD player. Those were all my stipulations in my conversations with God. We had a strict budget and were determined to stick to it. 

In no definite "we're buying this one" mood yesterday, we headed to a dealership to check one out. 

And it was exactly what we needed. Of course, the fancy Town and Country with leather, heated seats and rear back up camera looked appetizing. But there was a budget in mind and I am so proud that we stuck to it. 

So we said goodbye to our car that has got us from A to B since we had Kruz. 
(And the dude at the dealership never said, "Okay, I'm taking the picture now ...". So excuse the crazy faces.)

And we said hello to a 2006 Nissan Quest.

Travis and I decided we will remain the coolest parents ever. And drive a van. 

And this. 
This was our blissful ride home. One that involved no fighting, no aggravating, no writing on my seats due to boredom, no "I'm hooooooooot ...". 

P.S. If you're wondering who that little lady is in our pictures with us, her name is Carmella. Her family is part of our church family. And for some odd reason, she loves us and or chaos. She is out of school for the week and asked to come spend some days with us. Considering she changes more diapers than I do and loves to be in little Mommy Mode with the boys and I love to have a little gal around here ... we of course said she could stay as long as she wanted. 

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