Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Poo Poo Pants and Barf Head ...

Me: Kruz, are you hungry?
Kruz: Yes.
Me: What do you want? I've got cereal, bagels, eggs ...
Kruz: Uuummmmm, poo poo pants.

Me: Kruz, I looooove you. 
Kruz: I love you too. Barf head. 

Me: Hey bud. Whatcha building?
Kruz: Uuummmm, poo poo pants. 
Me: Really? You're building poo poo pants?
Kruz: Yessssss.

Me: Kruz!! Are you so excited it's your turn to go spend the night with MawMaw and PawPaw?
Kruz: YES!
Me: Soooo, what are you going to do over there?
Kruz: Um, poop in my pants.
Me: Kruz! Seriously, what are you going to do over there? 
Kruz: Barf. Barf head. 

(People, these are actual conversations with my 2 year old)

So. Do you get the picture? Apparently, Kruz is infatuated with the phrases poo poo pants and barf head and everything that goes with them. The barfing. The pooping. It's all relevant here. And you know, I really don't know when it started or where he even got it from. I do know, he gets major laughs from his big brothers though when he says these things ... and he loves the attention from them. Guess it makes him feel like he's part of the 'in-crowd' or something. 

(major sigh ...) 

He's already being suckered into peer pressure from those two ... oh Lord. 

I try not to laugh and sometimes I even find myself arguing with him ... that's probably exactly what he wants. Kruz is such a ... a ...... um, character. There you go! That's the perfect word to describe him. A character. He is hilarious, dramatic and can turn on the tears in a snap. 

He is my Kruz. 

I can nearly guarantee I hear the phrases poo poo pants and barf head at least 25 times a day. No lie. And although these phrases are gross and completely out of context most times, it is pretty funny. And I know, that just like everything else my kids do, he will be done with it in the blink of an eye. And then I'll catch myself with Travis saying, 'Do you remember when Kruz used to say poo poo pants about everything? Oh man, that was so bad. Funny. But so, so bad.' 

So I try to take it all in. How he uses every opportunity possible throughout the day to insert his little phrases. His hysterical deep laugh after he says it. And then in the midst of his laughter he says it over and over. Poo poo pants. Poo poo pants. Poo poo pants.

It's part of my life right now. Poop and barf. What can I say? Other than ...

Poo poo pants. 

Barf head. 

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