Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Am I The Only One ...

Am I only the only that hates and I mean hates shaving her legs?
 Seriously, I go on strike in the winter ... my poor husband.

Am I the only one gets super freaked out when I really think about what I have put in mine and my family's bodies?
 Processed foods And I'm pretty sure I have made Kollin pretty paranoid too. And I haven't decided if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet. Before every meal I hear, "Is this healthy?" and "Does this have cow brains in it like McDonald's does?" You could say he listens to everything I say. 

Am I the only one who uses her toes to open kitchen drawers or cabinets when I have gross things on my hands like raw meat? 
I hate washing my hands over and over while I cook. I guess I'm afraid of a soapy taste in the food or something. Or maybe just having the ability to still lift my leg that high without breaking something makes me feel younger. Who knows.

Am I the only with divorced parents?
 Well, of course not. And I know that. Some days though, I feel like I am. Although it has been nearly ten years since my parents separated and divorced, I still struggle on a daily basis with accepting that my children will never know YahYah and Poppie as one, like I did at one point.

Am I the only one who still, no matter how many times I've seen that one episode where they watch the prom video, cry over Ross and Rachel and being each other's lobsters?

Am I the only one who loves crazy shows like Sister Wives and Honey Boo Boo? 
Yes, I find complete entertainment in polygamy and rednecks. My Momma would be so proud.

Am I the only one who feels like there is laundry coming out of her ears 
And it seems like no matter how often I wash, no matter how much I wash ... there is always laundry in the floor, in a basket or in the hallway. Makes me want to pack up and move to a nudist colony.

Am I the only one who wonders about what life is really all about? 
I've asked myself in the past, what's the point? Why am I here? Then I look at five faces. One big, four little. And there is my reminder. 

Am I the only one who wonders where all these pictures I take of my kids will end up? Will they be framed on a mantle in one of my great-great grandchildren's homes? Will they be in an attic? 

Am I the only one who is so extra jealous of Michelle Duggar? 
Guess there is enough said there in that question.

Am I the only one who stays in lounge clothes all day when there is no where to be?
Refer back to the laundry comment above.

Am I the only one who would love to write a book? 
I think I've got enough to write about, don't you?

Am I the only one who saw her life being a little different than what God sees it as being?
And has a super hard time with it too. I've never, even once, and still don't to this day imagine my life without a daughter. Of course there is no doubt for the love I have for any of my boys, each have given me something different and each are a piece of me, my soul and my life. I do wonder why though? Why four boys? Will we have more? Will I be that lady with ten boys? (Please don't take that literally.) (Mom-I'm talking to you.) Seriously though. I just know my boys are going to do amazing things for God and I'm anxious to see what that will be. And I'm anxious to know if we will ever have a daughter. Could be adoption. Could be our own. As my husband says, "We Nichols are not quitters baby." Now the question is, should I take that literally?

Do you have any "Am I The Only One?"s ...

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