Friday, May 31, 2013

First Day of Pool ...

Last year we had sprinklers going, the boys were playing outside in their undies and I was tanning on the porch at the beginning of March. It was hot early in the year and I was loving it.

This year has been much different. 

March, April and even the beginning of May were colder and rainier than usual. I had fires going in the fireplace when we should have been outside planting a garden. And the kids would say, "This is Spring?!??"

I guess you could say I don't really go by seasons around here for Spring and Summer. 

Here in Georgia you just don't know when one ends and the other begins. So we just go by the first day that we head to the pool for Summer. That in our book, is when Summer really begins. 

And that day for us was Tuesday. 

We headed to the garage, pulled down the boxes, busted out the floaties, towels and goggles - we suited up and headed out the door. 

And of course, friends make it so much better ...

It was so wonderful, we did it again yesterday ...

Just like his Momma - he loves a good tan.

My tanning buddy.

Wish I could pull off upside down Nemo goggles as good as he does.


Yummy "butter and jellies" in Kruzer's words and a blimp flew above us. Pretty cool.

Another successful day in my book.

I am so ready for more days like these. 

Summer, welcome. 
We've been waiting for you. 


  1. LOVE the shot of them jumping in together!

    1. Me too! It just screams, "SUMMER IS HERE!!"