Friday, May 10, 2013

Disney Trip - Day One

Two things I've learned today: always, always, always keep an extra hair band in your pocket and never, ever under estimate the happiness you will feel when your kids meet Mickey and Minnie for the first time ever.

I could probably end this blog post with just that being said. It does describe our day to a tee in little words; chaotic but memorable. But what fun would that be?

Our morning was chaotic as usual. But instead of the chaos being spread throughout a 2000 square foot house, it was in a hotel room the size of my master bathroom. Seriously.  

None of us actually fell asleep until around 3:00 this morning, so when my Momma was up dancing around about getting to meet Mickey Mouse at 7am, we were all a little chipper to say the least. No sarcasm there whatsoever. 

Just imagine this: 5 adults, 3 kids, 1 baby and 2 double beds. I know, I'm laughing too. Momma wasn't quite thinking straight when she booked her room starting the day after her and MawMaw got here. We made it work though. After all, it was just for four hours. 

So we scurried around like a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off looking for sunscreen, extra clothes, Off spray, sunglasses and such. After every bag had spilled contents on the floor or on a bed, we figured we could go. 

Can I retract a previous statement that I said about 3 weeks ago? 
I stated a few weeks ago that all pride goes out the window when you start looking for a mini van. That, in fact, is untrue. One technically loses all pride when you attach your child to one of those awful kid leashes. And not only just that. But it's that moment when your pulling them too hard, just like you do a daggum dog, and they fall flat on their face. Yea. That happened. Mommy fail. 

Did I mention it's not even 10:00 yet at this point?

So here goes our long day into a couple paragraphs:
We hit up Animal Kingdom for our first day. We went through Africa, DinoLand and Asia. We rode through the Safari and saw some pretty awesome animals and learned quite a bit. No one had complaints about their lunch at Flaming Tree BBQ, my turkey sandwich was amazing! Finding Nemo The Musical was quite spectacular. Kollin and Kolt nearly peed their pants on the Dinosaur ride. Kolt swore he was never doing that again. Kollin, never ceasing to amaze me, rode the Expedition Everest, which is a pretty big coaster. A little reluctant at first, but I'm pretty sure when he got off that thing he thought his pant size had gone up a few numbers. MawMaw got her doo messed up on the Kali River Rapids; actually, everyone got off soaked. Psssh, and they all wondered why I volunteered to sit out with Kohen and Kruz.

 And somewhere in the midst of all this, Kollin managed to attract quite a few people while he danced in the streets of Asia. What was a crowd watching this amazing Indian dancer went to people recording "that little blonde headed boy" on their phones. My Momma is convinced he is going to get "discovered". Haha! He soaked up every bit of it too. 

Kruz was truly like a dog on a leash for the first time. He did not like being controlled at all and pulled away. Just like a dog. I laughed and Travis was mortified. Kohen did great given the heat and craziness of it all.

Moment of the entire day: when Kruz met Minnie Mouse. Don't get me wrong, I loved seeing all of them at Disney for the first time. And seeing Kollin accomplish Expedition Everest. And when Kolt loved the Triceratops Spin. But there was something about the look of innocence in Kruz' eyes when he met Minnie Mouse. 

Melted. My. Heart. ... Do you see his face?

He kissed her on the cheek and they walked hand in hand out of her character spot at Camp Minnie - Mickey while their photographer and I went snap happy on our cameras. I'm pretty sure it was one of the most epic moments in all of his nearly three years and in all of my nearly 28.

We're all back in our hotel rooms (see the plural there), rooms. And everyone is out but me. 

Night Night folks. 

P.S. I'll upload pics in the morning, my cord is all the way in the van and I ain't walking out there to get it. So there. 

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