Tuesday, May 7, 2013

P Is For Project ...

So I guess this post will include our life for the past few days. No words of wisdom. 
Well. Heck, who knows. Maybe I'll blurt a few out at some point.

The past few days have been a big blur. It's been rainy and cold. And rainy some more and cold some more. Not my kind of May. I'm ready to be on the back porch in a too small bikini lathered in oil baking in the sun while the kids run through sprinklers - that kind of May. Know which one I'm talking about? 

If you haven't heard before, the husband and I like to start projects. And that'd be all fine and dandy - if we would finish the darn things. Truth is, we still have mud on the wall in the master bedroom, a missing mirror for the boys' bathroom (I finally hung their shower curtain just the other day. Finally ... ), and stuff just waiting to be hung up in the dining room. Did I mention the boys' room demolition is still not done? 
Breathe Momma. Just breathe. It'll get done, I tell myself.

One of our bigger projects was the bathroom downstairs. We bought a new sink from Ikea that came with storage cabinets underneath it ... being that we have no linen closets in this house, I needed something down here to store toilet paper, hand towels, diapers, wipes, etc. So we sold the free standing one and bought a new one with cabinets. And of course, when one buys a new sink you have to have new lighting, a different paint color on the walls and different decor. Or maybe that's just me. We lucked up at Lowe's and got this awesome light fixture for about 70% off the retail price. Considering I do not pay full price for things, this was pretty exciting!

One good thing about all the rain is that it forced my husband to be here finishing the downstairs bathroom. And can I say it looks amazing!

On top of all the sanding, scraping, hammering and drilling I've heard since last Saturday, we've had lots more going on. 
Surprisesurprise. Stuff going on at The Nichols' house. Shocker!

We celebrated Kolt's Spring Football season with an indoor pool party, cheap pizza, cake and a trophy. It was nothing short of perfect. Since we spent Saturday morning in the bathroom (working, that is), it was nice to get out. Even if it was a monsoon out there. 

Sunday started with church, had MawMaw's roast and green beans in the middle and ended with more church. And some Taco Bell so we felt we did our duty and participated in Cinco de Mayo. 

Yesterday came with more cold air blowing through and it was more of a getting-stuff-done kind of day. The husband accomplished just about everything in the bathroom - all we have to do now is hang the decor up. Yah! We also moved the TV in the living room from one wall to another. I know, I know. Don't feel sorry for me and my stressful days when I choose to add more to my plate by asking the husband to move the TV 5 feet across the room. It's my own fault. I know. Really though - I am so jealous of people's pretty mantels. I see them all the time on Pinterest; these decorated mantels for all the different seasons and huge family photos or mirrors nicely sitting on the mantel with wreaths and little trinkets. And what did I have? A TV, Dish box, Blu-Ray player and wires. Cords, cables and wires - oh my! 
Sorry. I just had to do that. 
Seriously though. Cords drive this Momma insane! Like, in an OCD kind of way. I feel like they make a room look so messy even when it's clean. And so, we moved the TV. The room looks bigger and I have a mantel to decorate. 

Oh geez. More to decorate. 

Today started with a To-Do List. I have a complete love and hate relationship with those things. I love them on days when I complete them and hate them on days when I don't. I guess I hate them more than I love them. It included things like finishing up a few sessions, doing more of the never ending laundry, cooking 10 boxes of noodles for our group of friends that feed the homeless every month and making a packing list for Disney.

Oh yes ma'am and yes sir. 


We leave Thursday.
 And the very best part ... the boys have NO clue! 
They don't even know we are going on a vacation, much less Disney World! 

I am horrible at keeping secrets. And this is driving me crazy, I just want to blurt it out! 
I'm keeping my composure though. 

I can't wait to see their faces when our "trip to the store" turns into leaving for Disney World. They are going to FLIP!

So. Off I go to secretly pack suitcases and do more editing. Oh and hang up decor in the bathroom. I promise to post some pics when it's all said and done. 

Happy Tuesday to ya!

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