Saturday, July 6, 2013

He Broke The Record. Literally ...

All was fine and dandy until I got home from my weekly Mommy Time this past Wednesday. I still had total bragging rights to the fact that I had four boys and none of them had ever broke a bone. 

All that changed when I walked through the door and saw my Kruz resting on the couch with an ice pack over his right arm ...

Our babysitter had called to let me know while I was out that he was complaining of his wrist hurting since he had landed wrong on his arm when he was jumping on our trampoline earlier that afternoon. I asked what he was doing, she said napping and I thought to myself, 'Well, he can't be that hurt if he's sleeping ..."

Little did this Momma know my baby had broken not one, but both bones in his right arm. When I came home shortly after talking to her on the phone, I immediately noticed the ginormous bump a.k.a the bone protruding on the top of his arm. Yep, that's broken. 

And might I add what a stinkin' champ he was. He wasn't crying. He wasn't even whining. He just made sure no one was going to touch his arm. 

At his request we stopped at Taco Bell for roll-ups on the way there. Egleston was wonderful as always. We were in, had his x-rays done and had the results in about 30 minutes or so. I love that place. 

He had all the nurses swooning and telling their nurse friends to go check out the adorable kid in Room 23. While we waited for his IV a certain nurse, Nurse Katie, came in to play with Kruz. She brought her iPad and they played Super Why, Diego and Mickey Mouse Road Rally. She was wonderful and Kruz warmed up to her fast. Perhaps it was her pretty eyes, perhaps it was her iPad. Her plan was to get his attention and keep it while they placed his IV. Yea, not so much. The numbing cream wasn't so numbing and he bawled while they placed the needle in. 

They gave Travis and I two options for resetting his bones: a conscious sedation or a Lidocaine injection. We chose the conscious sedation and also opted to stay in the room for the procedure. I know. We're crazy. Most Moms and Dads wouldn't want to watch, but we couldn't bear leaving him alone, so we stayed.

 I'm not going to lie, it.was.freaky. After the sedation medication was put in his IV we watched him slowly slip off. His eyes stayed peeled open and his mouth gaped wide. I guess I expected his eyes to close, for him to look like he was sleeping. It threw me off when they stayed open and I wanted so badly to make them close. He laid there with tears running down his cheeks because he couldn't blink. We watched as they picked up his arm that ten minutes ago he couldn't bear for you to touch and watched as the doctor bended and maneuvered it back into place. She snapped pictures and we watched on the screen as with each bend, tug and push she put his bones back together as if nothing had ever happened. They wrapped his little arm up and as promised made his cast red. 

He began coming around shortly after the procedure was done. They had given us a popsicle to help with awakening his senses. And a red one of course. He had taken a few bites and I watched his little eyes as they darted around the room. Every now and then he would catch eye contact with me and he'd just stare at me for a few seconds. He continued on with his treat and I asked him a few questions. He could tell me he was two, his name and that he had three brothers. As I awaited each answer, I could tell his little brain was really working hard to make his mouth speak them. Within about 30 minutes he was demanding more popsicles and asking why the heck he had on a Pull-Up. It was pretty funny and so typically-Kruz. 

We packed up and headed home with a sleeping baby in the back.

 He woke up the next morning to actually realize the big, hard, red thing on his arm. All his stubbornness came to a screeching halt when he needed help on the potty and help getting on the couch. Kruz has always been so independent, so it's been hard for him to need help with little things like putting on a shirt. He's learned to eat with his left hand and how to use his feet to help with pulling blocks apart. It's amazing how quickly he's adapted to not having use of his right arm. 

So there you go. I should've known it would've been Kruz to break my Mommy record of all boys and no broken bones. My little animal. My little champ. He's the feistiest one I've got. And he's not going to let any broken bones keep him down ...

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  1. He is a champ that is for sure! I love that boy and nothing will stop him especially a broken arm!!!