Tuesday, July 9, 2013

While Kolt Was Four ...

Well kiddo. You've officially been on this Earth and blessing my life for five years. 
And I can't believe it time as flown by this fast.
You bring so much light to those around you and I've never met a person who has met you and doesn't want to take you home with them. You've accomplished quite a bit during your fourth year ... here we go. 

I think first and foremost we should say you accomplished your first season of football. And what a football player you are! We had to have your XS pants hemmed because they were too big. And under those pants were practice pads that we shoved, tucked and hemmed because one of the thigh pads covered your entire leg. From the first practice to the last quarter of the last game, you played your heart out. You were the smallest kid out there, but never showed fear. In fact, I think you liked to pick the biggest kid on the opposing team to tackle. You've bonded with your coach and you say you plan to play on Petro's team for good. You proudly wore number 8.

You learned how to ride your bike during your fourth year too. You tried forever to get the feel for making those pedals go around and around. One trip to the park with Daddy and that was it. You came home sporting that bike so proudly! You're still riding with training wheels, but I am sure those will come off during your fifth year. 

Holidays while you were four were loads of fun. You were Ferb for Halloween and I don't think anyone will ever forget your Goodwill purple pants handcrafted by MawMaw herself into purple, 'highwater' Ferb pants. And need not us forget your glowing green hair! You are still loving Santa and all the magic that comes with Christmas. Santa was super generous and brought you a tablet during your fourth year. I love that I find you looking through pictures that Mommy put on there for you more often than I see you playing the games. You are a self-portrait lover.

When you were four you started asking for your hair to be cut like Justin Bieber. Your Daddy just loves that.

You have become quite the computer kid. You love Wild Kratts, ABC Mouse and Nick Jr. You might just take it a little too seriously actually. And speaking of technology - you and the Wii - oh.my.goodness. You could sit and play Mario for hours. It's a good thing we keep that thing limited. Very, very limited.

You have officially completed Pre-K at home with Mommy. I would love to say you loved school this year, but there were some days you just didn't want to do a darn thing. It took me a while to make myself okay with that, but I did. You taught me to make school FUN for you. Your favorite subject is Math hands down. And I would guess to say Writing is your least favorite. You are such a whiz with numbers and caught on quickly with addition, subtraction and skip counting. You love anything hands on like scavenger hunts and art projects. 

You went from sharing a room with Kollin to sharing a room with Kollin and Kruz. For a few months you took over the top bunk, thank goodness we got rid of those fast because I always worried you'd fall off the top. Bedtime is always a doozy with you. Quite frankly, you do not try to hide the fact that you are not going to bed after the lights go out. Daddy and I will hear your giggles and silliness for a good 30 minutes after you've been tucked in. Your brothers will whisper and tip-toe ... not you. You are loud and even yell "Sooooorrryyyyyy!!" when we say your name to be quiet. You are quite the character. And speaking of bedtime, you are not a fan of the dark.

You are never in a hurry and often remind me to slow down.

Every time Kohen cries and you are nearby, I hear "KoKo shhhh. KoKo shhhh. KoKo shhhh." You are a wonderful big brother to Kohen. On the flip side, 90% of the time you and Kruz fight like cats and dogs. 

While you were four you took your First Communion.

You started getting the infamous Lego magazine in the mail this year like Kollin. It's like Christmas every other month for you. 

While you were four you have become OBSESSED with cars. Hot Wheels, Matchbox, cheap ones from the Dollar Tree ... you don't care. You love them all the same. I will catch you lining them all up by size, color and how fast they go. You never fail to know exactly where you got each car and who was the purchaser. It amazes me.

You can pick up any two objects and make crashing sounds and exploding sounds and be totally content. 

Along with fall football, you also played spring football. You were on the blue team with Coach Petro and just like your first season, you rocked your second one too. I love watching you play the game and crack up at your attempt to do jumping jacks during warm up. During your running drills to the fence and back, you were no longer last. You pushed and pushed to make yourself run faster and you accomplished your goal!

You are not a big TV-watcher. That's a good thing in my book.

You love flip-flops.

While you were four you started swimming. Last summer you sort of-kind of-every now and then put your face under water. This year you have taken off. You're not quite ready to hit the deep end, thank the Lord. But you love swimming just a little ways where your feet can still touch when you're ready to bob back up. 

You love to wrestle, play swords and act like ninjas with Kollin.

While you were four your eyes turned green like mine. Wahoo! You're my only one with green eyes. 

While you were four our family took our first trip to Disney! You rocked Tower of Terror (although you swear you are never getting on that thing again) and Dinosaur (which you also swear you are never getting on again). So maybe you don't care for roller coasters much. You did however love meeting the characters and the fun rides like Dumbo, Buzz and Toy Story. You loved the Lights! Motors! Action! show, the Playhouse Disney show and Nemo. Your favorite characters were Phineas and Ferb.

You are dying to learn to read.

The technicals of Kolt: You wear a 5T or 5/6 in clothes and a 9 in shoes. Your favorite foods are pizza, broccoli, grapes and Mexican food. You still practically guzzle the salsa. Your favorite color is red. You weigh 36 pounds and you are 40 inches tall. 

What can I say? 
Your smile is contagious and so is your laugh. You have this deep, deep chuckle that just resonates in my soul. You are the best of both worlds: you love to be cuddled and you are so independent, you love playing alone and you are such a people person, you have not a care in the world and you worry about those who aren't as fortunate as you. 
You are an old soul my dear. 

With many, many, many more birthday lunches at Mexican to come ...

Happy FIFTH Birthday Kolt Edward Nichols. 

(And I just lost it. Tissues please.)