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TOS Review - Circle Time: Plan The Best Part Of Your Homeschool Day ...

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What Is Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of Your Homeschool Day?

Circle Time is an EBook written by Kendra Fletcher, the author of the blog Preschoolers and Peace. Kendra is the Momma to 8 children, ranging in the ages of 20 to 5. The book is 33 pages long, is a quick and easy read that I was able to finish in less than an hour. Although the book is short, it is filled with great tips and tons of encouragement. Kendra has surpassed all the seasons of homeschooling and abundantly provides tips, ideas and answers to many questions we Mommas may have cross our minds.

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The book is divided into seven sections:
Planning a Circle Time That Works For You
Strategies For a Peaceful Time Together
How to Get Your Kids on Board
Questions From Moms Like You 
Words of Wisdom From Other Moms Who Do Circle Time 
Resources, Activities, and Ideas  

What We Received and How We Used It:

I received Circle Time as a PDF file and downloaded the EBook very easily and quickly. 

I have always thought of Circle Time as an activity for younger children and have never considered it to be anything other than that. After many internships in the public school system, I saw Circle Time done only in the early elementary grades. In my mind, Circle Time was filled with counting to 100, talking about the weather, reciting days of the week and other similar activities. After reading this book, Circle Time now means something entirely different. Now Circle Time equals family time, and who couldn't use more of that?  I took the ideas and advice from the book and implemented them into our own Circle Time. Together at the kitchen table directly after having breakfast, my children and I are skip counting, reading a chapter from Proverbs, having story time and sometimes an art project. I am certain they really don't even know we're doing "school" since we are having so much fun with lots of laughter going on. Using the 'Printables' section, I have made a Wish List for the activities I would eventually like to add as we work on sitting for longer periods of time. Next on my Wish List is to implement Geography. 

My Opinion:

You know how it is when you read a new book on homeschooling - you feel a tad overwhelmed and sometimes even hopeless that you can't accomplish such a big task mentioned in the book. Not this one. Kendra was so full of encouragement and was very real about the subject. She even mentions her own flaws and how they had to tweak to get their Circle Time just right as a family. 

This book was an eye opener for me. And a heart, mind and soul opener too. Often our mornings go from sleeping to chaos so quickly and before I know it I am tucking my children into bed without having prayed together, read to them or spent quality time all together. I am certain I am not the only who Momma who experiences such days. Having Circle Time is like having a scheduled time to draw your children close, all at the same time. Although they may not all be at the same level, it has been nice to see Kollin having the opportunity to explain questions to Kruz. I have been a firm believer that having Circle Time will only strengthen our family. 

Important Information:
Author: Kendra Fletcher
Price: $4.99


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