Thursday, July 25, 2013

Race Car Party For Three ...

 ... Comin' right up!

As soon as the thought popped in my head in June about the boys' party this month, I knew a race car theme would be the ticket! Obsessed doesn't even begin to cover how the boys feel about Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. It was the perfect way to go ...

I'll let you in on the little decor I did, where it came from and then flood you with all the cuteness and chaos that surrounded me a couple weekends ago ...

I wish I would have had an easel to fancy this chalkboard sign, but in my world - you use what you've got - and this chair did the job just fine. 
The paper road was drawn on from a roll of easel paper from Ikea and the kids later had fun coloring their own cars on it. I thought of this on my own, I was pretty darn proud. 

I designed the invite myself in Photoshop and was pumped on how darn cute it turned out.

My Momma purchased a huge roll of the checkered flags from Oriental Trading here, which decorated just about every surface in the house downstairs. Even the front door. And instead of balloons on the mailbox, we lined the sidewalk with these awesome flags, also from Oriental Trading. In that same shipment was cars to giveaway as favors, race car ducks for the baby pool and race car tattoos.  
I also set up a cute little coloring station where I had several copies made of a blank race car and the kiddos decorated their own car. 

My Momma also picked up the die cuts of more cars and flags from the Dollar Store, along with black and white table cloths and race car napkins.

Our amazing cakes were made by none other than Aimee Baker of Bakerz Joy. To say she is amazing would be an understatement. I'll just let her cakes speak for themselves ...

This was Kohen's Smash Cake. 

For my kids, the fun started at 9:00 sharp the morning of the party. The water slide is always such a hit with the little party guests. We rent from the wonderful Mrs. April at Custom Inflatables.

The boys and their cousins.

One of my favorite pictures from the day!

Have I mentioned how much this baby loves blueberries? 

Kruz loves when the crowd sings and Kolt always shies up a little bit. 

Oh. Kohen and his cake.
 I've never been a big sweet eater myself and therefore my children tend to be deprived as well. This was Kohen's first dive into a cake. Just like I dreamed he would. 

We moved Kohen and his new best friend Mr. Smash Cake into the living room for present time. Can you see in the picture, he's all leaned back. He was in a total sugar coma. 

Stubborn ole' Kruz trying to open his presents with one hand. 

My only baby to actually want to open presents with me. 

After all was said and done and most of the guests were gone, we played a little more and then piped down and relaxed on the back porch with some of our family that was still hanging around. 

Kruz at his finest ... 

This is my MawMaw and PawPaw up above here with Kohen. Kohen's middle name is Clark, named after this wonderful man. 

Kohen and Poppie to end the evening. 

This party was so much fun. Between Travis and I, we counted 36 kids running around. And I'm sure we missed somebody. Our children are so blessed to be surrounded by so many people that love them, nurture them and take part in their raising. Yep, I've always heard it takes a village. And I think my village of folks, both friends and family, are just perfect for the job. 

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