Monday, August 12, 2013

Ice Cream For Breakfast ...

One thing that plagues my heart is when one of my babies gets left out. 
And lets face it: I'm going to see this happen quite a bit. 

So the other morning Kruz headed out with the husband to cut a yard - I'm telling you that kid loves to ride on a mower and hops on one any time he can with his Daddy. 

Kohen was upstairs napping.

And as Kollin was walking out the front door to spend a couple nights with his cousin at my grandmother's house, I caught a glimpse of hurt feelings wash over Kolt's face. 

He knew it was Kollin's turn to go to MawMaw's, but still - that little ole' face was so sad. And it made this Momma sad too. 

It was still morning and neither of us had breakfast yet. I walked into the foyer, scooped up my kiddo and we headed in the kitchen for ice cream for breakfast. 

We talked, tickled, giggled and stuffed our faces. I cherish these one on one times I am blessed with. I know with having a big family these times do not present themselves very often. I am learning though to grab them when they do and to cherish every.single.moment of them. 

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