Friday, August 16, 2013

The Early Bird Party ...

Lately I have been noticing a lot of opportunities to pour into my children.

 I almost typed "... been given the opportunities ...", but truth is - I think those opportunities have been there all along - I just haven't been taking the time to acknowledge them, much less make something of them. 

Kruz is my early riser. 
The only one in the bunch who likes to be up before the sun is. And by bunch I am including myself in the mix. God has placed a conviction upon my heart though that amazing, fulfilling things - like quiet time with Him ( and a load of laundry ) - can happen in those wee hours. And that I should be taking advantage of them. I have began setting my clock earlier and earlier. And instead of giving Kruz something to do in my bed while I snooze a little longer ( ... that.sounds.awful ... ) I have been joining the Early Bird Party. 

So the other morning as mine and Kruz' bagels popped out of the toaster, we threw our plates and cups on a tray and headed to the back porch. We sat at the bar, talked, ate our bagels and listened to the birds chirp. It's amazing what a three year old has to say if one will only listen ...

I saw a little glimpse of heaven that morning.


  1. That's amazing!! Ive taken more one on one time with Mavrk here recently and it's definitely crazy what kind of conversation and imagination they have!! He melts my heart!! <3

  2. Aren't those early mornings so much better outside? I love that time f morning on the back porch.