Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Faith Like A Child ...

Dear Kollin ...

Son, you did it again. You have shown me, taught me and demonstrated faith and having a boldness for God. 

This week we are in revival and you and Kolt sit with us in "big church" as you guys call it to listen to the full message. We're still working out the kinks on getting you guys to actually sit still and listen, but I am completely convinced that although you may not be fully focused the entire time, the words are entering in and settling into your little hearts. 

As the preacher had everyone stand in prayer before the altar call, I lifted my head to see you had already gone down there to pray on your own. What a strong statement to make - you have no shame nor fear of the altar. What an amazing place to be at your age. You stayed knelt down and I debated on coming down there with you, something in my heart said to stay put. I closed my eyes and simply thanked God for the wondrous man you would become in Him. 

Out of the corner of my eye, this older man in our church hobbled his way down the aisle with his cane in hand. This man's name is Junior and he is such a sweet spirited man. He made it down there slowly and settled himself quite a ways from you on the altar. He is unable to kneel, so he just sat down on the steps. The preacher was still praying and everyone else remained in their seats with their heads bowed. 

I closed my eyes and listened to the preacher's words: Make us whole, not just cleansed - but whole. 

I lifted my head to see that you had walked over and taken the hands of this old man and began fervently praying with him. You wrapped your little hands into his big hands and I could see your little mouth moving. I could see that man's face, tears dripped from his cheeks. You prayed with him for what seemed like hours as I watched in awe of your boldness.  I nudged your Daddy and no sooner than he caught eye of you, he began to cry too. I watched Junior's head continually nod up and down, up and down ... whatever you were saying, he was agreeing with you. You didn't know his situation or his reasons for being down there, but you didn't care ... you prayed anyway in faith.

Thank you kid for your boldness. 

I love you. 

Love, Mommy

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