Monday, September 16, 2013

Friday Thru Sunday ...

What a Friday.

 What a Saturday. 

What a Sunday. 

Friday morning we headed to my Pop's house bright and early (bright and early meaning 10:30) to see if he could work some of his magic on the 'ole Quest. After a good assessment, he figured it was a hose. One that, of course, goes for miles and causes you to have to take a bunch of other stuff off to get to it and change the darn thing. And in these "newer" cars (anything 2000 and up, according to my Pops, is a "newer" car) you have to have a "special" tool to get the darn thing apart. So I headed up to an old car place in Hampton, I say the longer a car repair place has been open, the better and more honest they must be. Pretty smart logic, huh? Anyway, he gave me a total on what it would cost ... yea, we'll just leave it at that. 

My two views on Friday morning made me thankful for four healthy boys and a Daddy who who is always there when my car makes a funny sound. 

And if I'm going to be required to be bathed, dressed and have all my children out of the house before 10:00 on a Friday morning, I'm treating myself to the very best Bacon, Egg and Cheese biscuit on the face of the earth from a little hole in the wall in Hampton, Pop's Place that is. 

Two extra gems I happened to snap and happened to find while walking my old homefront:

Later that afternoon my cousin Hannah, myself and the boys headed to Conyers so I could make a, what  I thought would be, quick trip into the massive Tykes, Tots and Teens sale. I got tons of great stuff and was so thankful for a cousin who didn't mind entertaining my brood while I shopped. She was such a trooper and organized a short walk to see horses and thousands of games of tag. I'm telling you -  my village is irreplaceable. Friday night brought us to karate for Kollin to get in a little extra practice for Stripe Testing. And then, we pretty much pooped out when we got home. 

Saturday morning the husband and Kollin headed out on their first Royal Rangers trip with our church. I woke up Kollin about 7:00 and he seriously woke up with a smile on his face. This trip has been something very much anticipated in our house for the last couple months. They went to the USS Alabama Battleship, did some exploring, learning and actually camped out on the battleship. The husband, who was stationed to sleep next to the bathrooms and another deacon who snores, got little to no sleep. Kollin, however, slept through it all. He came home with a mouthful to say - I'm planning to blog soon on their trip and post the pictures he took with his trusty Kodak. 

Saturday morning for me was spent at the football field losing my voice. Kolt and his teammates played an excellent, close game with a team from North Henry who beat us in our last game against one another. With 3 seconds left and the opponents on the goal line, we held them and won 7-6. Whew, we Mommas about lost it. I love, love, love watching that kid play the game. 

After the game we headed to DQ for a nice, little celebration. We got home and it wasn't long before we were out again. I got a gift card to Hobby Lobby for my birthday and it has been burning a hole in my pocket. Me and Momma somehow squeezed Kolt, Kruz and Kohen into two buggies and shopped. And shopped. And shopped. All the Fall scenery drove us to WalMart for mums galore. I love my Momma living so much closer now. For a while, she lived up in Fairburn, and well - that was just too far for me. Now she is just a phone call away for spur-of-the-moment trips to Hobby Lobby. I am loving it!

Sunday was a Sunday. Full of church, good food at MawMaw's and a little bit of rest. And you know food made in your MawMaw's kitchen always tastes a little better. Plus you get snapshots like this one. Kohen loves his MawMaw - she was in the kitchen cutting up tomatoes and he crawls in there and lays his little head across her feet - giving her love until she picked him up. Talk about making a MawMaw melt. And a Momma too.  

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