Saturday, November 23, 2013

We're No Surprise ...

I must say "so" and "um" a ton because when I post, I find myself typing it way too many times to count and having to go back and delete them. So, um ... with that being said I'll continue on.

Last night was a good night. 
I had a first, which I am not good at having firsts. I'm no good at change to be honest. I like what I've got going on here and so, yea ... I just like what I have going on here and I'm not about to change it. Or at least I don't like to. Now I know there are some Mommas who are totally cool with handing over their babies for the night when they are super little. And I am not that Momma. Nothing wrong with it, I'm just not that Momma. I like my babies home with me for all of their nights until they're like 2. Okay, maybe not 2. But darn near close. Kohen has been with me every night of his life. Until last night. My Momma made an offer I couldn't resist - "Let me keep all the boys at my house Friday night". 

I had some hesitation, I know - I'm crazy. The husband of course started counting down from the time I told him until yesterday morning. 

We ended up with a kidless night. And it was great. You know sometimes you don't realize how much you need something until you're right smack in the middle of it. 

Our plans to Atlanta quickly turned into our favorite local Japanese spot. Which is cool with me, I'm learning we are creatures of habit when it comes to date night. As much as I would love to say we are adventurous and as much as I'd like to be that couple that pick new places to eat - we don't. And it was good as always. We sat at dinner talking about staying out super late and what we could do. Dave and Buster's popped into the conversation and we were so excited about it. 

We were hyped, for like a minute. 

We ate a little bit more and Travis looked at me and said "Or we could go get some something sweet from Target, go get some used games from Gamestop and go home and play the Wii". So we did. And it was right up our ally. 

Starbucks was our choice of a treat and we got 3 games from Gamestop, 2 of 3 being ones for the boys for Christmas morning. (One of the few days of the year we let them play the darn thing.) We headed home, jumped in pajamas, curled up in the bed and laughed our butts off watching Mario and his Yoshi slurp in Luigi and spit him back out. We ended the night with Madea's Witness Protection Program. 

Aw, the perfect date night. 

For us anyway.


  1. Love it! Sounds like ya'll had a great time :)

  2. I'll be waiting for the "big" announcement. You know, what happens when you get a kid free night? ;)