Thursday, December 12, 2013

Adjusting Again ...

I feel like our family is always adjusting to new schedules. And just about the time we get adjusted, some thing comes along and it changes again. 

My boys have went from a Daddy who was:
a firefighter on a 24 on and 48 off schedule to a firefighter, insurance agent and landscaper to a firefighter and landscaper to a firefighter turned firefighter in the office working to a landscaper and full time student. 

My poor kiddos. Just the other night Kruz prayed for Travis' safety for when he goes back to the firestation ... confusion has settled in.

Landscaping is seasonal though so Travis picked up a part time job at Costco just to supplement our income. Landscaping will come back into full force again in March. I am so thankful for this job, as I know they are scarce these days and this came so easily to us. The hours are a little different and are from mid afternoon to 8:00, he is only off on Fridays and Sundays. I know the hours don't seem bad and they're really not - it's just almost anything I get to do Mommy time wise, happens after dinner - like slipping out to lesson plan or have any kind of girl time. I hate, hate asking people to watch my babies often so I have some readjusting in my own schedule. 

Pictures for Daddy ...

My only other major readjustment is not having dinner as a family. Yea, that one bites the most. 

Bedtime was hard at first because the boys had finally got use to having Daddy home to tuck them in. I was really trying to get them in bed by 7:30, but I noticed six little eyes stayed popped open until they saw headlights come into the driveway. Travis and I finally decided I would stop fighting the uphill battle and just let them read in their bed until he got home to do their nightly Bible bedtime stories with him. So far, that has been much better. 

I keep telling myself this is all momentary. The crazy landscaping hours, the seasonal jobs and the husband with his face shoved in a book every time I see him. Time flies and I hate to wish these crazy times away. I do look forward though to the regular schedule he will have once his degree is complete. 

The constant change is reminding me He is steadfast when I am not, He is encouraging when I feel discouraged, He is in control when I am disarrayed and He is always there to fill me with joy when I am down. 

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