Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Someone Bubble Wrap Me. Please ...

After my frantic text to my friend Nicole last night about my house being 30 seconds away from flames, she informed me I needed to be bubble wrapped. And I'm starting to think it sounds like a good idea. 

The husband and I were chit chatting away downstairs (you know because we have so much time to just sit and talk) when the smoke alarms started going off upstairs. Seriously, I thought. Seriously. As soon as we hit the foyer, we could smell the smoke. We raced upstairs and opened the boys room only to be smacked in the face with clouds of smoke. 

Apparently, my sweet, precious Kruz was in the process of "warming up some clothes" for Mommy and Daddy. He set them in front of the space heater, laid on his bed and didn't think to scream for us when the smoke started to pour. 

Needless to say, I am thankful for a firefighter husband and batteries in the smoke detectors. And the space heater will not be returning to the boy's room. 

On to other happy, Christmas-y notes - my Momma and I had the opportunity to take Kollin and Kolt to an abridged version of The Nutcracker yesterday. 

Of course, the first scene they showed was the battle with the rats - lets just say after that scene they were a little disappointed it was so girly and just waited to see more swords. And rats. 

Today I am so very thankful that God continues to keep His strong hand upon our home, our family. I shuddered as I fell asleep last night to know what could've happened had the alarms not went off. He is so gracious and we are so undeserving. Thank you God for loving us!

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