Thursday, December 5, 2013

Painting, Poop and Oreos ...

So if you saw my First Day post, you may have caught the picture of a paint can being busted open. Travis and I have been talking about repainting our downstairs for a couple of months now. And we finally had the time to pick out and agree on some new colors. 

We picked them out on Saturday night and I started painting Sunday afternoon. I knew I could wait until after Finals and have Travis' help. Yea, I knew that. But when there is new paint in this house, I am in no shape to wait. So this week - Sunday to tomorrow - I will have repainted the entire downstairs by myself. I'm a stubborn thing, I know. 

Sunday I painted the one wall above the fireplace. 

Monday I painted all of the other walls in the living room.

Tuesday I painted under the chair rail in the kitchen and in the dining room. 

Wednesday I painted above the chair rail in the dining room and just did the rolling on the top half of the kitchen. 

Today I have cut in the majority of the top half of the kitchen and am planning to tackle above the cabinets, behind the stove and behind the fridge. 
That will finish off the kitchen. 

And tomorrow I will paint the office and be done!!

In the midst of the repainting, the house has been literally torn apart. It's been crazy and in trying to survive the chaos with the boys, there has been lots of junk food eating and Pizza Hut delivered. I am vowing to cook super, super healthy all next week. I have seriously been stuffing my hoodie pocket with Oreos for when I am standing on chairs to paint at the top. I know, it's bad. 

Kohen has been getting in on the Oreo eating too. 

Are you wondering where the poop part comes in?
Kohen has been teething more this week and well, that's just fun. He is cutting two teeth on the top right now and just like last time - teething has brought lots of poop, an awful diaper rash and a very, very finicky eater. I feel like I have been changing poop diapers non-stop. Kruz has been so great playing with Kohen this week. They've been inseparable through all of the painting and craziness. 

It's been so rainy here too, which has kept the big boys inside and some mornings even sleeping in until around 10:00. Puzzles, books, coloring, Hot Wheels and the Wii has been their preoccupation the past few days. I knew this week would be crazy, so we decided to take two weeks off of school here instead of at Christmas. So it looks like we will be catching up in the next couple of weeks. And I'm okay with that.

Painting, poop and Oreos - it's been the story of my life this week. I can't wait to post some before and after pictures of the house!! 

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