Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Thud and Two Staples ...

Thuds are a pretty normal thing around here for us. 

And I would venture to say that most of those thuds happen at bedtime. Bedtime - you know that time of the day when you read to your children, give them smooches, tuck them in and actually expect them to go to sleep. 

The thud we heard last night was the worst thud I've ever heard. Travis and I raced up the stairs to find blood everywhere, both Kollin and Kolt screaming and Kruz sleeping through every bit of it. Story goes like this - Kolt was up aggravating Kollin, Kollin pushed him away, Kolt fell back and the thud was the back of his head against the edge of his bed. 

Travis looked at it and just knew he was going to need a trip to the ER to get it all fixed up. It was totally a God-Thing that my cousin Hannah was here staying the night with us. With blood pouring from Kolt's head and we rushed out the door and left for the hospital. 

What's up with our kids wanting Taco Bell on nights when the hospital is in tow? We got to the hospital, which was lined with people everywhere and got all checked in and Kolt asked for roll-ups from Taco Bell. Of course, Travis delivered. 

We waited, waited and waited some more. 

As we sat in the waiting room, Kolt was asking all kinds of questions about stitches. He bowed his little head and prayed for God to not make him have stitches. It was seriously one of the most innocent prayers I have ever heard. 

We finally got a room and it was immediately decided Kolt would need a couple staples in the back of his head to close up the gash. I explained to Kolt how it would go and that the two "pops" he would hear and feel were going to hurt. The sweet PA wiped out the numbing cream that was put in about 20 minutes prior and with Kolt's legs wrapped around my waist, I held his head and she literally took a staple gun to my baby's noggin. He cried, I was mortified and Travis took it in as a tutorial. 

Seriously, he was a champ. I could not have been more proud of him!!

As we walked out to the car after being discharged, Kolt looked up at me and said, "Mommy! God heard my prayers! I didn't have to get stitches!!"

Travis and I just looked at each other and laughed. 

Needless to say, the couch and beds are our choice of spots today. My Dad is bringing over some homemade beef stew for lunch and I think going to the table will be the only time I leave the couch. 

Until the Christmas Play at church tonight. Kollin is singing and that is not something we can miss. And so with sleepy faces and a kid with a gauze around his head, we'll head to church tonight. 

Pray for us - keeping Kolt with no trips, falls, bumps or thuds for the next 10 days is going to be a challenge. 

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