Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cheese and Ice Cream ...

Is it awful to tell you I am literally forcing myself to sit here and type this post? I mean I love you guys and all, but when I say Baby Nichols #5 does not like me - I mean I have been bloated, nauseous, starving but nothing sounds appetizing, utterly exhausted with some excruciating hip pain added in the mix.  

Hi Mommy. Welcome to your first trimester.  

My Momma told me the other day I was becoming a hermit. Eeeek. A hermit. That just sounds awful. But truth is, I have. Most days I find myself just doing good to feed my children and get to the couch. 

Lets just be honest. For me, first trimesters are horrible. 

My poor children have been troopers through it all and haven't complained the first time about Mommy not cooking dinner in 3 weeks. The boys have been surviving on PBJs, frozen pizzas and cereal for dinner. Breakfast is probably our healthiest meal of the day - we've been making yogurt parfaits with vanilla yogurt, granola and blueberries nearly every morning. I guess I'm using that to make me feel better about our awful dinners. 

And my diet? Cheese. I eat a grilled cheese every.single.night for dinner. It's all I want. Cheese! And ice cream. But never together though of course.

The boys and I have been getting school done on the couch everyday. It takes us a little bit longer because I am working with Kollin and Kolt separately. Most importantly though, it's getting done.It may not be ideal, but they're learning and I'm happy to be spending some one on one time with them. Kruz has started doing a letter a week and he is loving having his own school to do.

I'm surviving people and counting down the weeks until this trimester is over. I'll be 10 weeks this Friday, so it's right around the bend. I'm praying for some energy to come and a normal appetite. And I'm pretty sure my husband is too. 


  1. Is everybody alive?

    Then you're rocking it! =)

  2. i'll tell Vicki to make grilled cheese for book club. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO COME TO BOOK CLUB.