Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Good Friday, Great Easter ...

Good Friday is a day that is often overlooked in the realm of Easter around here. For the first time I sat down with the big boys on Good Friday and told them what the day represents, that this was the day Christ actually died for our sins. Not only did they learn something, but it was such a sweet reminder to me about giving reverence to such an important day. 

My Uncle Doug called me a couple weeks before and wanted to get together for Good Friday. After a little planning we were set to dye eggs with the boys and have slaw dogs off the grill. Now, call me a bad Momma, but I have never dyed eggs with the boys for Easter. I know, I know. I'm horrible. There is a first time for everything though and once we got started, I wished we had done it every year. Good thing my Momma and Uncle Doug were experts and had tons of history with egg coloring. The boys had a blast to say the least and were disappointed when all the eggs were gone. 

Here are a few pictures to share the sweet moments ...

Easter morning was your typical Sunday morning for this crew, just add in Easter baskets from Mommy and Daddy. 

Besides that we were running around chaotically, ironing last minute wrinkles, shoving diapers in the diaper bag and thanking God on the way there that the children were all fed that morning. And let's not forget that regardless of being right on time instead of early, an Easter morning picture is as important as breathing. Well, in my eyes anyway. 

Thank the Lord they all cooperated. 

We hid eggs in our front yard after lunch and each kiddo had a "Prize Egg" (aka a $1 bill). Is it crazy I have never hid eggs? I guess the husband has always had this duty. Me and Momma had fun doing it this year and then we all enjoyed watching the boys hunt. 

I loved that Kohen found this egg on the car handle. Kruz went over and got it for him, they are so cute together. This Easter was so relaxed, no running around from house to house. It was nice. We enjoyed our family that came over and joined us for lunch, the hunt and then relaxing on the back porch.

 And most of all taking the day to celebrate our risen Savior. 

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