Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Twenty Three Weeks, Three Days ...

Hi there Little Lady!

We came to see you two days ago- and by we, I mean there was a crowd accompanying me. All of your brothers, Daddy and YahYah tagged along at this visit to watch your ultrasound. At this visit Mrs. Lisa, your ultrasound tech, measured every last bit of you. 
From your spleen to your legs to your kidneys. 

And you are growing just perfectly. 

You stretched the entire time Mrs. Lisa was trying to catch some good pictures of you. You arched your back and stretched your legs over and over. In the midst of your Baby Yoga, she caught a great shot of all five fingers of one of your tiny hands. 

If you keep going at the rate you are, it looks like you are gonna be a long-legged beauty. Your legs measure at 24 weeks and the rest of you measures at 23 weeks. Your YahYah mentioned during the ultrasound how your Great Grandma and Great Aunt Linda had super long legs, so does your Poppie. I love, love to know you could carry some of their traits. Those ladies are phenomenal women and your Poppie? Well, he wants me to name you after him. He calls you Little Edwina. 

Here is another shot Mrs. Lisa caught of one of your little long legs while you were doing your morning aerobics. 

I love, love, love coming to see you and watching you grow. Your face has developed so much since the last time I saw you. Your cheeks are getting some fat on them and that makes me more and more ready to smother them in kisses. 

I love you Khloe Ruth.

Love, Mommy