Thursday, May 1, 2014

First Day - May 2014 ...

I actually slept in until this time this morning. Pure bliss. 

Looking for worms on the way out the door.

 Headed to Chick Fil A minus a kiddo today. Kruz was spending the day with his MawMaw. 

Our jams.

Playing with friends. 

We got to see this sweet baby for the first time today, sweet baby Jett! Kollin is an ole pro. 

 Thanks Nicole for the new-to-me shoes.

Today was like Christmas in May for this Momma! 

My new camera!

Dinner tonight was homemade refried beans and organic cucumbers. Yum!

This child locked himself in the crate. Crazy!

These are all with my NEW camera! I am so excited!!

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